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    Default Chelsea Clinton's Controversial Wedding

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    Chelsea Clinton is set to marry her fiancÚ Marc Mezvinsky next weekend in New York and the wedding has been given a lot of attention for a lot of different reasons. Now faith and religion are values that the Clintons have always at least claimed to hold dear which has sparked some interesting debate about the interfaith marriage of Chelsea Clinton. She was raised Mormon and her fiancÚ Marc Mezvinsky is -if you haven't guessed from his name- Jewish with a Methodist mother and a Southern Baptist father. No one knows if Chelsea plans to convert and how they plan to deal with this interfaith marriage and how they plan to raise their kids.

    Usually it's the names on the guest list that attract the most attention but for this Clinton it's the names that aren't on the list that everyone's talking about. Only 400 people have been invited to this intimate ceremony and those who've been invited are keeping quiet and those who weren't invited are trying to find out who was! Apparently one of the 'rejects' from this wedding said "I'm good enough to borrow a plane from, but not good enough to be invited to the wedding?" although we don't know who this person is. Oh the Clintons have always been an interesting bunch!

    An exterior view of Beekman Arms Inn, where many of Chelsea Clinton's wedding guests are rumored to be staying, on July 30, 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York. Rhinebeck is the site of Chelsea Clinton and fiance Marc Mezvinsky's wedding, to take place on July 31, 2010.

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