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    Default Bluetooth Stereo Sunglasses

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    Bluetooth headsets have become very popular in the last couple of years since many countries have instituted a law prohibiting drivers from using a cell phone that is held against your ear while driving. Most of these Bluetooth headsets have been the mono/single earpiece design. The lack of wireless stereo headsets was mainly due to the fact that a phone conversation is mono in nature plus the lack of software or Bluetooth stereo profile support. Now that the proper stereo profile A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution profile) and the remote control profile AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) has been created, we are able to take advantage of the stereo music that many cell phones support now wirelessly. To add more style and functionality to the wireless stereo music enjoyment and cell phone call access, Trispecs has combined the stereo Bluetooth headset support into a stylist pair of sunglasses.

    The Trispecs sunglasses are truly sunglasses with the added wireless music and cell phone support. The sunglasses come in various colors and in mens and womans styles. The lenses used in these sunglasses are manufactured by a company called SOLA Sunlens which is a brand of Carl Zeiss Vision. From a sunglass standpoint, these Trispecs are very light and comfortable to wear.

    Product Specifications

    Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, backward compatible with 1.2
    Bluetooth Profiles Handsfree, Stereo Headset, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP
    Music Frequency Response 20 Hz 20000Hz
    Telephony Frequency Response 00 Hz 3000Hz
    Battery Type Integrated rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer
    Battery life when fully charged Talk Time 7 hrs
    Battery life when fully charged Music Playing 5 hrs
    Battery life when fully charged Standby Time 70 hrs
    Charging Time Fast charge (to 80% capacity) in 1.5 hrs; Full charge in 2.5 hours
    Connectivity Built in port for USB (Micro) cable connection
    Additional Feature Firmware upgradeable via USB
    Radio Frequency 2.4GHz, GFSK
    Weight 52 g (1.8 oz)
    Operation / Storage environment -10C to 50C; 5% to 90% relative humidity
    Charging environment 0C to 45C

    The Trispecs has full player controls on the sunglasses.

    • Call, volume up and volume down buttons on the left arm.
    • Play, next and previous buttons on the right arm.


    • There are no specifications readily viewable on the Trispecs website.
    • No FAQ or commonly asked question to help those with simple issues.
    • Website is fully Adobe Flash based therefore anyone without Flash installed on their computer will not see majority of the online information.
    • You must have a mobile device that has the A2DP and the AVRCP Bluetooth profiles installed to take advantage of these glasses. This is only mentioned in the section of the multi-paged manual that specify how to pair the devices (page 6). The Eyewear Quick User Guide which most users will refer to does not mention at all that the A2Dp and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles are required on the signal originating device (cell phone or mobile device).
    • The sound quality lacks true bass response.
    • The control buttons are too close together and only two small bumps on the middle button allows you to tell the other buttons apart. Not very user friendly since you cannot see the labels or the buttons while wearing the sunglasses.
    • You must hold down the rewind button and then depress the retract headphone button to turn the unit off. This is very awkward to do. The retraction spring is very strong thus I would suggest you hold the earpiece also to avoid damage.
    • When putting down the glasses, the earbud tends to face the surface therefore causing contact with the surface. This creates some concerns with unsanitary surface contact. If you flip the sunglasses upside down, this can accidentally depress the headphone retract button. Ok when the headphones are already retracted but not so good when the headphones are fully extended.
    • The beep to indicate Bluetooth connection and the various female voice prompts has a volume level that is a little too high for my liking.
    • The joint covering is not as secure as it could be.
    • Comes with a soft case. I would have preferred a hard carry case.


    • Very light
    • Great sunglass lens. Truly reduces the glare and light while outdoors.
    • Easy to establish a connection once setup. Press and hold the call button until a solid led light appears on the right arm. The mobile device should recognize the signal and prompt for connection.
    • Voice quality pickup is good when on the phone.
    • Battery lasts at least 4 hours while listening to music continuously. The battery on the cell phone may require recharging before the Trispecs

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