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    Default Apple To Intel: Lessen Chip Power Consumption or Lose Us

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    Apple once warned Intel that it could lose them as a customer if Intel did not improve power efficiency of its chips, a report from The Wall Street Journal revealed.

    The revelation came from Greg Welch, the Intel executive who oversees the company’s Ultrabook group, the Journal reports.

    Apple executives apparently told Intel to “drastically slash its power consumption” or see the end of the business relationship of the two companies.

    According to Welch, Apple’s warning served as “a real wake-up call” for Intel.

    The disclosure comes after Intel just announced the creation of an Ultrabook Fund worth $300 million which is aimed to help software and hardware developers speed up the development of Ultrabook laptops.

    Intel defines Ultrabooks as modern laptops which meld the “tablet-like features” with the power of laptops. For Intel, Ultrabooks are well-designed laptops which are thin, light, powerful, has the battery life of a tablet but the price of “mainstream” laptops.



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