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    Default Al Qaeda planning Mumbai-style attacks in Europe, US

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    Al Qaeda is still planning Mumbai-style attacks in Europe, with the United States also possibly being targeted, CNN reported citing counter-terrorism officials in Europe and the United States.

    The discovery of Al Qaeda's plans to launch coordinated attacks in several cities in Britain, Germany, and France led to the US issuing an unprecedented travel advisory in October for its citizens travelling in Europe.

    European counter-terrorism officials cited by CNN say they believe the aim was to carry out the attacks before the end of this year. The expected timeframe of the plot had not previously been disclosed.

    A former head of Germany's foreign intelligence service, Dr. August Hanning, told CNN intelligence indicated that Al Qaeda had already started planning to launch Mumbai-style attacks in the United States.

    'We have got information that they have planned or are planning a plot like the Mumbai plot in Europe and the United States,' said Hanning who retired late last year as State Secretary in Germany's Interior Ministry, one of the country's most senior counter-terrorism positions.

    The revelation is the most concrete indication yet that Al Qaeda is planning mass casualty gun attacks on US soil, the news channel said in a report from Hamburg.
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    Thanks for sharing need be careful of Al-quada
    War is on Al-quada

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