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    Default 9 Facts About Bill Gates Wealth

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    9 Facts About Bill Gates Wealth

    Young Bill Gates

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    Bill Gates room

    Who are people in this world that doesn’t know Bill Gates? The richest person in the world because of his MICROSOFT company. But maybe You haven’t heard about his wealth facts. Here is 9 facts about Bill Gates fortune.

    1. Bill Gates earn U.S. $ 250 every SECOND, that’s about U.S. $ 20 million a day and U.S. $ 7.8 billion a year.

    2. If he dropped to U.S. $ 1,000, he did not even bother anymore to get it back because of time equal to 4 seconds to take, he had earned the same amount.

    3. U.S. national debt of about U.S. $ 5.62 trillion, if Bill Gates will pay the debt by himself, he would pay it off in less than 10 years.

    4. He can donate U.S. $ 15 to everyone in the world but still can save U.S. $ 5 million for his pocket money.

    5. Michael Jordan is the athletes who paid the most expensive in America. If he does not eat and drink and still leave intact a year income of U.S. $ 30 million, he still had to wait until 277 years to become as rich as Bill Gates now.

    6. If Bill Gates were a country, he will become the world’s richest country to number 37 or if He is himself is company, He will be largest American company number 13, even larger than IBM.

    7. If all the money Bill Gates exchangeable into pieces U.S. $ 1, we can arrange a road from earth to the moon, 14 times back and forth. But the way it should be made non-stop for 1,400 years and used a total of 713 Boeing 747 planes to transport all the money.

    8. Count from He was 40 years old. If we assume that he can live 35 years longer then he has to spend U.S. $ 6.78 million per day to spend all his money before he went to heaven.

    9. But! If Microsoft Windows’ users can claim U.S. $ 1 for every time their computers hang because of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates will be bankrupt in 3 years!

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