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    Default 7 Tips To Make Batter Deal With Car Salesmen

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    Car salespeople are trained to look for certain clues which help them to ascertain the type of car buyers are looking for and how much m0ney they want to spend. They use this information as well as other clues, to either sell a more expensive car or sell the customer add-ons. Here are 7 tips that will help you to make batter deal with car salesmen.

    1. I Love This Car:

    Never admit that you are smitten, stay claim and pretend you are looking at microwave oven.

    2. Desperate Need:

    Even if you need a car quickly, behave as though you have a month to decide. At the same time hint that you would consider buying one today if you found right car at right price.

    3. Decide a Model:

    You your research in advance, and make your first shopping trip a short one. Narrow down you choice to three or four vehicles that suit your need.

    4. Donít Reveal Your Budget:

    You have no idea how much the salesmen is willing to negotiate, so donít blurt out your target price. When bargaining make an informed and reasonable low offer and wait to a conuteroffer.

    5. What Every One Wants:

    Donít ever ask for the ďpopular optionĒ; itís an open invitation to overprice dealer add-ons.

    6. All Fees Are Standard:

    Actually, not all. You should expect to pay sales tax, title, registration and delivery fees, but pay attention for hidden extras.

    7. The Haggle Factor:

    When at the dealership, let the scene play itself out, but leave if the deal is not good enough; hint that the competition might be more willing to work for you.
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