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    Default 7 Excercises to be avoided at all costs

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    7 Excercises to be avoided at all costs

    Think you’re hot stuff at the gym when you’re lifting heavy weights and rotating your body in every which way? Think again. A lot of popular gym exercises cause more harm than good to your body. The next time you’re in the gym, avoid these seven exercises like the plague — your ligaments and joints will thank you later.

    Culprit 1: Upright Row

    This exercise involves “internal rotation” where the position of your shoulders makes the small tendon in your shoulder collide with bone every time you raise the weight. It may not hurt right now, but with added resistance over a long time, it can lead to rotator cuff tendinitis.

    Instead: Try dumbbell presses, lateral raises, military presses, and clean and jerks to build up your shoulders.

    Culprit 2: Any upper-body lift done behind the neck

    First, you have to be flexible as hell to reach a bar behind your neck. If you aren’t flexible, you can easily strain your neck. Second, any sort of lift behind the neck makes the rotator cuff do “external rotation,” which similar to the upright row, makes the small tendons in your shoulders grind against bone.

    Instead: Try lat pull downs in front, chin ups or seated rows to work your back.

    Culprit 3: Smith Machine Squat

    The Smith Machine, a device that looks like a towel rack, is one of the most dangerous ways to squat. When you squat with a barbell or any other free weights, you move down and back. On the machine, it only moves straight up and down, which does not take into account someone’s body shape and posture, and puts more stress on the knees and lower back.

    Instead: Try regular squats with a barbell or hold dumbbells or kettlebells at your sides and squat.

    Culprit 4: Oblique Rotation Machine

    Rotation machines twist your upper body while your pelvis is seated, which puts excessive stress on the lower back.

    Instead: You can do twists to work your obliques as long as you don’t excessively twist your spine. When you twist, cradle a free weight like dumbbell or kettlebell above your abs and tighten them as if you would get punched in the gut. This works your abs harder and saves your spine from twisting too far.

    Culprit 5: Always wearing a weight belt

    Ok, so wearing a belt is not an exercise that causes harm, but constantly wearing a weight belt, especially during lifts when you don’t need it, weakens your abs and lower back.

    Instead: Wear a belt for when you actually need it, such as a one-rep max lift for squats, deadlifts or power cleans/clean and jerk.

    Culprit 6: Sit-ups

    Sit-ups from the floor put too much stress on your lower back and don’t work the abs in a functional way. Instead of contracting and moving your abs, sit-ups make the hip flexors pull on your spine.

    Instead: Try regular crunches and other ab exercises such as the pillar or plank and focus on compound exercises like squats that already engage your core.

    Culprit 7: Chest Fly Machine

    Also known as the Pec Deck, the movement of this machine overstretches the front of your shoulder, which can make the ligaments permanently loose, and the muscles in the back of the shoulder stiffen to stabilize the shoulder.

    Instead: Practice the tried-and-true methods of building your chest: Push-ups, barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press.

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