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    Default --- 10 Signs Ur Man Is Faithful ---

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    1. After sex he wants to cuddle and chat.

    It's annoying when after that explosive time in bed, your man just wants to roll over and go to sleep! But if you find someone who wants to cuddle up and talk, obviously still revelling in what took place, you know he is not straying too far from home.

    2. He calls for no reason.

    He just can't seem to go through the working day without talking to his baby. In fact, if you think about it, he has been dropping you a call here and there for the simple reason he is addicted to you and every little thought that crosses his mind, you are the first person he wants to share it with. Honey, that's a sure sign you have got his undivided attention.

    3. You've got a key to his place.

    Men are protective of their domain. Face it, just because you are going steady and sometimes you sleep over, doesn't mean he is going to give you unlimited access to his kingdom. If he has restless eyes, then you can count on the fact that he won't be sharing his keys anytime soon as he doesn't want any unexpected visits. If he cuts a key for you before you even ask, keep that man!

    4. He only has eyes for you.

    Have you ever gone out with your man and end up feeling embarrassed? There you are in the restaurant enjoying a meal and instead of tuning in to what you are saying his eyes are all over the place, sometimes lingering a little too long for your comfort. But if you end up with a sweetie who hangs on to your words like a lifeline, only has eyes for you and what's more can hardly tear his eyes off you to talk to the waiter, then honey you have hit the jackpot in romance big time.

    5. His friends know all about you.

    We are not talking about the way men can brag about the loves in their lives no, nor brag about how curvaceous and hot their women are. No, we are talking about the fact his friends KNOW that he is head over heels and everyone better watch their tongues when they are talking about her. No disrespect will be tolerated. This is a serious man when it comes to commitment and being true.

    6. He's always hot for you.

    The minute you are near him, he is all hot and ready for you! You still have the ability to turn him on and keep him that way. Honey, you can bet your bottom dollar that more than likely he is not sampling anything elsewhere.

    7. He does stuff for you.

    If he does things like your laundry when you're having a down day, or doesn't mind going to the pharmacy to get your essentials (even at month-end when everybody's out shopping), he's a keeper who has nothing on his mind but you.

    8. He's interested in your interests.

    When a man is really into you and has no interest in anyone else then he'll want to know everything about you and that means a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

    9. He values you and your opinion.

    When he likes you, he includes you in everything he does. If he's contemplating making a move, he seeks your opinion, and what's more, he doesn't brush them aside as having no merit. He puts high value on the relationship and goes out of the way to make you see that too.

    10. He's open about his phone.

    "Honey will you get the phone for me please!" he shouts from wherever he is as his cellphone rings. That's a confident man who isn't afraid you might answer to the wrong person on the line. What's more, he leaves his phone lying around the place without a care in the world if you should get curious about text messages.


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