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    Default 10 Interesting Internet Facts

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    Internet has made our lives very easy. Today we are able to do many things on the internet. Some interesting facts about internet are as follows
    1. 160 billion email are sent everyday and surprisingly 95-97 % are spams.
    2. Facebook holds more than 10 billion photographs.
    3. Every minute about 10 hours worth videos are uploaded on Youtube.
    4. There are almost 1 billion computers in use.
    5. Google handles around a billion search queries everyday
    6. US online users watch 100 videos in a month (average)
    7. Online users view about 15 billion videos every month
    8. Google uses more electricity than some countries do in a year.
    9. One in every 3 persons who uses internet commits crime by using illegal links to acess movies, songs, TV program's etc.
    10. Over a billion user connects to internet every month.



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