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    Default Samir Sharma to play new Dev; Vishal Thakkar to enter Geet

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    Samir Sharma and Vishal Thakkar's entries will spice up things in Star One's Geet Hui Sabse Parayi..

    Samir Sharma will soon enter Star One's Geet Hui Sabse Parayi as the new Dev. He will replace Abhinav Shukla who left the show for his upcoming show on COLORS, Kudesan.

    According to our source, "The mystery man who is appearing time and again before Maan (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Geet (Drashti Dhami) in their honeymoon sequence is actually Dev. In tonight's episode, there will be a hit and miss sequence wherein Maan is on the verge of seeing Dev's face, but will eventually miss out. However, Maan and Dev come face to face in Saturday's episode".

    "The comeback of Dev will put both Maan and Geet in a spot of bother. Maan will be very much frustrated and will be forced to wonder what Dev will be up to now. The real motive behind Dev's comeback will be revealed sooner or later", adds our source.

    Samir Sharma told us, "Things are being worked out. But nothing is finalized as of now".

    In addition to Samir's entry, Vishal Thakkar who was earlier seen in Ninja Pandav on REAL TV will be entering the show. His entry will be aired tonight.

    Our source informs us, "He will be playing the happy-go-lucky guy Manav who enters the life of Arjun (Piyush Sahdev) and Anwesha (Nikunj Malik). He happens to be the cousin of the bride whose wedding is being planned by Arjun and Annie. The coincidence is that Arjun and Manav end up being college mates. Manav is the jovial jolly good person who is the complete opposite of Arjun. Within no time, Manav will develop a liking for Anwesha, which will irk Arjun to no extent".

    Watch out for the new twists in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi…



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