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    Default Geet 5th February 2011 Written Update

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    Majnu marooing his usual eyelock with Geet and asking if he can head to the office. Geet gives him his wallet and asks him to return home early for their evening. eye dance. Daadi, however, has more immediate plans. Make-out... I mean Make-up Movie tickets as she does not want to leave Maaneet patch-up to chance. Hearing this MovieNahiDekhtaMan is all askance. But, bends at Daadi's insistence.

    Muttering about Geet's gundagardi, MovieNahiDektaMan asks her to change and complains about the mitting he has to now rearrange. Looking at the watch he thinks he can attending the mitting and be back before the film. If he does not return in time, Geet threatens to send him to another realm.

    After she changes into pretty pink, Geet sits and waits - even sleeps a few winks. Then thinks how to punish him when suddenly the bell rings. Maan's chauffeur takes Geet to her to the cinema hall. But, instead dumps her in what appears to be an empty banglow, so she attempts to give Maan a call. There is no connect and she finds herself trapped in the abandoned hall.

    A disembodied voice tells her to halt and not be scared. It is the Maan, who has her in the room snared. An actual Maaneet Movie the audience is spared. Instead a summary of Maan's story in his own words with one Geet wedding picture is aired.

    Geet declares Maan's ek picture a hit and bahoon ki damaan mein they meet I mean hug, so don't get excited. She like the audience wants to know the story ahead. Maan tells her someone is coming, who to their life will add new color - translation - new character road bump ahead!! Screen creepy shake n' fade.

    At home, Geet continues their fake fight. Makes Daadi think all between Maaneet is not right. Int their room, AngryMaan unhappy to be declared "bad" wants to give Geet special sazaa! Geet reminds him doctor has forbade them physical mazaa. Maan says he can still touch his wife. Their lips come so close you can barely sneak in a knife. Just then daadi enters and they return to their fake strife. Maan exits in a huff, but after daadi leaves, he returns to get his sleeping stuff. He plants another kiss on Geet's forehead and tells her to call if she feels alone.

    Geet feels guilty that they are doing natanki infront of Daadi for their own wahaj.

    Precap : Daadi buys their nautanki and comes up with a kewl sazaa - Madhumaas in Shimla where they can enjoy snow ka mazaa!



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