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    Default geet 27th june 2011 written update

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    MSK tells Dev that.. he is sure that he will get his love..since his love for Nando is true..! Dev says.. yes... till MSK is with him.. all is possible..! MSK says... he is with him always..! MSK tells Dev to get ready to leave for Delhi n says..till then Geet will spend time with her family as they will leave tomorrow..! Jugnu wonders what scheme MSK-Dev are cooking n wonders who MSK really is! Suddenly phone rings..and Jugnu picks up n thinks its Simranjit..n then it turns out its Romeo..n asks which MSK he wants to talk.. the tall one like ....Read more

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    RIP-Mate, You ll be Remembered:)
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    Great Work "MP".......



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