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    Default Geet 14th May 2011 (MAHA EPISODE) Written Update

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    Dev is carrying a earring and wonders whose it is...n Nandini is searching for hers..! Dev realises its Nandinis...n as he looks up.. Nandini is blocking his way...n says..what is this?? Dev says..earring..n Nandini says...its mine...i have been looking for it since couple of hours..n btw where did u get it?? Dev it..n Nandini all my stuff reach u...n Dev no..! Nandini says... dun try to act smart..! Dev says..this is urs?? Nandini says..its matching with the other pair in my ear right?? Dev says..yes!

    Beeji comes to Tejjy n says..we had to go to attend a wedding n we forgot.. Tejjy says..we had to go.. since a boy we liked.. for Nandini is coming there..! Beeji says..i like that boy. .i want Nandini to get married to him... but first let the boys family see Nandini..! Tejjy says..i agree..what do u want me to do?? Beeji says..we cant force her... lets ..send Nandini to the wedding with Maan n Geet.. if she goes with them.. she wont be suspicious...! Tejjy says.. Maan?? Beeji says..i know he is useless..but lets c...if he is able to fulfil this responsibility..! Tejjy agrees n says.. i will ask Ballu to take Maneet n Nandini with him n go to the wedding..!

    Maan n Dev are in the front...and Geet n Nandini in the back..n Geet asks Nandini why quiet?? Nandini says..dun understand...Beeji.. why sending me..good ur here..! Geet says.. yes.. so now talk.. since ur Jiju here too.. Maneet exchange glances in the mirror!

    Suddenly. Dev notices a guy lying on the road...and he n MSK come to check n its a some Goons.. to take money from them..! MSK and Dev get goons! MSK pushes Dev away n says..u take Geet n Nandini out of here...n i will deal with these people..! MSK starts taking on ...the goons...! Geet is not ready to move...

    MSK says..u have my promise..go..! Nandini is wondering...why Ballu talking like this with Geet..! MSK flexes his muscles..and takes on the goons..! Geet n Nandini asks Dev..where they are heading to n Dev says..its idea..!

    Nandini falls.. n Dev tries to hold but Nandini jerks off..! Geet says.. Ballu is fighting alone.. n stops in her tracks..!

    Precap -- Maneet in the tabela.. eyelock and bg.. 'O sathi re.. din doobe na'


    Geet turns and starts running back screaming.. Maan! As MSK tries to return to the jeep.. another goon comes n stops...and MSK starts bashing him..! Nandini realises that Geet isnt there..n Dev realises that Geet must have gone back to bro..! Geet is running..! Some goons stop her way..n try to misbehave.. Geet prays.. MSK comes...n right then MSK comes n starts thrashing them..! They beg forgiveness...

    Lucky asks Jugnu why they are in an animal fair?? Jugnu says... coz all detectives keep pets with them n Jugnu will keep goat..! Lucky teases Jungu..! Nandini and Dev are arguing which direction Geet went..!

    However both end up getting trapped... by goon n both are tied...n Dev n Nandini are arguing who is responsible for getting them trapped! Maneet are also running...n being chased!
    As goons close in.. Maneet hide in an underground dugout covered with hay! Maneet eyelock n both get flashback of MSKs question to Geet about..'Wanting to be a dad'

    New Precap -- MSK is fiddling with Geets hair.. as wind blows n MSK removes Geets lock of hair from her face!


    The goon think Maneet have gone someother way n run off n Maneet come out of the dugout n run off..! Jugnu n Lucky who are driving to the animal fair...notices the car.. of Maneet midway n Lucky suspects something is wrong..n decide to investigate..! Jugnu suggests that mite have gone to have tea.. Lucky says.. midway in jungle?? Both are again.. bickering.. n Lucky says.. the guys are in trouble i think. .this area belongs to Bheema ... he is a big looter..! Lucky suggests.. Jugnu to go home to Tejjy n Beeji n he waits.. Jugnu says..but i forgot way back...n Lucky says..ok i will go u stay..!

    Geet feels tired n MSK makes her sit on a sideway rock n MSK says..ur thirsty i will get water..! MSK wets his shirt in the water n squeezes it atop Geets face

    Geet takes that shirt n wipes MSKs !! Mahiii! Lucky reaches home and tells the details..n Tejjy says..that area is dangerous.. asks Beeji to call Police n he asks Pammi to come with him! Geet is feeling tired..n MSK says..dunno wat to do n Maneet hug..!

    MSK picks up Geet in his arms..and walks!! Jugnu is in the jungle n wonders..what he is doing in the jungle! The goons encircle Jugnu n asks..who he is..n Jugnu says.. Detective.. 008.. James Bond older bro n goons think he is a good catch n catch hold..!

    Tejjy asks.. Police to start search n Police says..need to prepare! Dev n Nandini are thrown into a room ...both their hands tied..! Nandini says..if u wanna get out...we need to think..ur worse than a girl..! Dev says.. u dun worry ..i will handle n Nandini says..u aint good..enouf.. lemme think! Dev notices a sharp edge..n gets a idea!

    As Dev rubs his knot on the edge..he injures his hand.. Nandini is confused about Ballu-Geet-Maan!! The goons n Jugnu have become friends and are drinking together..!

    Precap -- Maneet in the tabela.. eyelock and bg.. 'O sathi re.. din doobe na

    Jugnu about walk.. what is the case n goons say.. two birds caught two fled...need to catch n Jugnu says..i will help! Dev unties himself and Nandini n they flee..!! Lucky = Tejjy return...n Beeji says...whats the update.. Tejjy says..need bigger

    New new Precap -- Maneet are sitting.. with MSK sitting behind Geet n MSK kisses her shoulder (on the dress) and then runs his finger from her hand to shoulder to her neck...


    Nandini n Dev are running and she falls down n Dev helps to get up n Nandini notices Devs hand bleeding..! She tears her dupatta n ties it on Dev n blows air ...on his hurt n eyelock n bg.. ohhoo! They break the eyelock n feel awkward n Dev says..we should move n they run! Maneet in a tabela! MSK puts Geet down n says..i will arrange food n tries to get up but Geet holds his hand n says..dun go please..i m scared..!

    MSK lost in staring at Geet n Geet says..what u doing n MSK says..searching the answer of my questionf n Geets eyes are serious n MSK says..i got the answer

    MSK is sad n Geet says.. Maan my answer is yes.. i wanna take our relation one step ahead! Wind blows..! Moonlight dims...n bg 'O sathi re.. din doobe na' starts..! Maneet face close to each other..! MSK runs his hand on Geets face n undoes her hair..MSK is fiddling with Geets hair.. as wind blows n MSK removes Geets lock of hair from her face!

    MSK undoes Geets suites dori..! Maneet are sitting.. with MSK sitting behind Geet n MSK squeezes Geets hand! MSK kisses her shoulder (on the dress) and then runs his finger from her hand to shoulder to her neck.

    Geet puts her hand on MSKs neck and pulls him closer n Maneet lie down n screen shifts to a lantern which is shown dimmed out..!


    Precap --No PRECAP!



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