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    Default Geet 10th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1:

    Maan and Geet are walking hand in hand in the corridor glancing at each other lovingly. Dadima probably worried about them comes to check on them but sees them walking toward her looking in to each other’s eyes and smiling… Dadima heaves the sigh of relief.. She walks toward her darling grandson and Geet and says Thank God at least now my children are smiling. Maan smiles at dadima and looks at Geet who was blushing delicately. Dadima says now we will have fun in sangeet and now only we will have real enjoyment of the program.

    Then with a smile she lovingly caresses Mann’s left cheeks cupping it lightly but says in a little serious tone.. I was really worried about you thinking where the smile went from my child’s face. Maan keeps on looking at his beloved dadima… Dadima says since the time Geet came in your life I have always seen you smiling. Maan and Geet look at each other. Maan keeps on looking at Geet with a tender smile and acknowledges Dadima’s claim. Dadima adds with happiness that this is my prayer and blessings that you always keep on smiling and I do believe that Geet will keep you smiling always. Both Maan and Geet stand there taking Dadima’s blessings with happiness of their own. Dadima says but right now there are some guests who want to meet Geet and so I am going to separate you for a little while ok? Saying she holds Geet’s hand and leads her away. Maan stands there and folds his arms across his chest and looking at them with a tender smile he says in his heart… I promise you that I will keep on smiling in the wedding and give you all the happiness of the wedding…

    We are back in the hall with Sangeet ceremony full in swing…

    The lights around the dance floor gets little dimmer and the music starts with the song Mahi re..

    Still under the shadow of dim lights… Maan starts dancing at the beat of the song Mahi re…

    Geet walks in the hall and the song starts with Maan singing along and dancing for his Geet. Geet looks at Maan dancing and a pleasant dreamy smile comes on her face.. Shyly she looks at her Maan dancing just for her… Maan looks at her and smiles and goes forward and pulls her in to dance too.. Maan and Geet are now dancing matching the steps with each other. All others are dancing around them but they have eyes only for each other.

    The second stanza starts with Geet singing about how her world has spring in her life with all the flowers blooming and with the soft wedding music playing around her. Maan walks toward her and goes behind her and looks at her happy face. She sings she feels as if all the stars of the universe has come in her bosom and smiles shyly at Maan.. Maan lovingly lifts her Chin and smiles down at her… Geet blushes at Maan and moves away

    But Maan walks back in the dance floor and pulls her back for the dance and they dance with each other with that special private look at each other… Maan holds Geet’s arms and coming behind her pulls her in the circle of his arms. Standing in the middle of dance floor holding Geet in his embrace reminds him of his first hug in the rain near Dhaba.. and as if that very moment in each others arms and feeling elated takes them back with few other Maaneet moments..

    Dadima walks in with the song saying that She loves Geet very much.. and comes closer to Geet and lifts her chin lovingly and smiles at her.. Annie walks toward them and says yes she too finds Geet very dear. In between the arms of Dadima and Annie Geet feels very happy that really brought tears to my eyes that Dadima and Annie both love Geet so much.. and they make every effort that Geet may not feel without family at all…. Dadima says I feel like finding all the happiness in the world and feel your life with them and pour down those on you. Standing in the circle of Annie and Dadima’s arms Geet feels really teary and her eyes fill up with tears but Dadima sees that and she lovingly shakes her head and wipes her tears.. Maan was watching his three most beloved ladies and was witnessing the bond between them with a tender smile. But Adi and others pulls him and brings him toward his family and all of them dance together. The office staff and others also join them in the center and all dance merrily with Maaneet in the center. All these tender moments overwhelms Geet so much that her eyes could not stop her tears. Maan looks at them and pulls her closer to her and tenderly smiling down at her wipes her tears off…

    That moment was so very beautiful and tender and sweet and really protrude well by this team of fantastic actors.. Totally loved the picturization of this song with Maaneet and dadima and Annie…

    Part 2:

    Next Morning at Khuranas……

    Geet with Dadima and Annie is going through some photograph of the party while Maan is reading news paper.

    Annie looks at few pictures and says look at this photo Dadima and see how Bhai is looking only at Geet in this photo. Maan cranes his neck to look at the picture but looking at him Dadima says with a teasing smile not only this picture Annie he looks at Geet like that in every picture. Maan quickly shifts his gaze to the news paper.. Geet looks at him and smiles. Annie says right dadi. If it was in Bhai’s hand he would not let Geet out of his sight. Maan gives her an MSK stare while Geet smiles at him. Dadima knows that Maan desperately wants to look at those pictures but he is keeping his MSK attitude of being nonchalant. Dadima looks at his curiosity and says Maan why don’t you come and sit with us if you really want to look at this picture. Maan as if innocently lifts his gaze from the news paper and says I even do not know what you all are talking about I am reading my news paper saying once again he pretends to get lost in his news paper.. All the three ladies smile at him..

    Geet finds his gaze shifting toward them and she so graciously walks toward him with few photographs and says Maan look at this photos they are pretty right? Maan looks at them and says oh it should be zoomed out.. Geet innocently asks what do you mean. Maan says oh one cannot see your chubby cheeks properly. You know for little big people there should be little bigger frame. Geet squints her eyes and snatches the picture from him saying do I really look big? Dadima and Annie shakes their head knowing hear they go once again… Maan again starts reading his paper saying Geet don’t feel bad you know in this condition a person tends to gain little bit of weight… Dadima smiles looking at Geet’s upset face. Upset at what he said Geet starts looking at all the pictures one by one in her hand… Maan looks at her upset face and smiles at her and again pretends to read News paper. After a while it seems Geet gets at what he is doing.. She suddenly says Maan show me your neck.. Dadima was surprised at that and looks at Geet. Geet roughly holds his chin and looks at that with different angle.. Maan was surprised at this sudden attack.. He says Geet what are you doing? Geet says oh I am checking your neck, then she looks back at the pictures and says I was just wondering why your neck looks so stiff in all these pictures. But oh I forgot… I know there is no fault of your poor neck when the man himself is so stiff… Maan gives her an irritated stare while Geet gives him her cheeky smile.. dadima and Annie burst out laughing.. Annie says that’s a good one Geet.

    Adi walks in the living room with Pandeji and Romeo saying Good morning sir to Maan.. Maan walks toward them and in his MSK voice asks what are they doing here and if they have decided not to go to work or what??? With his stern tone as if Romeo stammers and right away turns to go but adi stops him.. (Meanwhile Brij walks upstairs in the balcony watching them..) Adi says haltingly that no it is nothing like that but with the wedding approaching they have come to discuss something with Dadima. Pandeji says Sir we are from the groom side and we have come to discuss few rituals of wedding with Dadima. Maan asks sternly what Rituals? Adi and Romeo starts discussing between themselves.. Looking at that commotion Maan interrupts them and says have you come to discuss these among yourselves? Romeo says no we were planning to have bachelor party.. Maan cuts them off and says not at all there is no bachelor party. Annie walks toward them saying wow Romeo that is a wonderful idea. Maan says no there is no bachelor party.. But then Geet walk in her HP ways and says yes of course we will have bachelor party. Maan looks at her and says do you even know what this bachelor party is. Geet says innocently yes Annie showed me in some English movie. Maan says oh Annie and english movie and looks sternly at Annie who just tries to avert her eyes. Maan shits his gaze to Geet and says I am not going to have the bachelor party as I will have to go to party alone and I am not going to leave you alone and go to the party. Geet says does it mean that you are not going to go anywhere without me… Dadima smiles at this seeing that every one is against Maan now for this party. Geet adds I am not a little kid that you connect everything with me. She says in her way that Bachelor party is on. Then she turns to boys and says Bachelor party is on. In my wedding each party and each rituals will be done. Maan says in the same tone that yes in your wedding all the rituals and party will be done except the bachelor party.. Every one’s face goes sad even Geet now does not say anything.. But Annie picks up the tab saying Geet leave bhai alone if he is afraid of this bachelor party then what can we do.. Maan says I am afraid of What. Annie says how would I know of your fear it is yours so you should know about it.. Dadima comes to their aid and says I know about his fear he is afraid that if he drinks couple of extra drink then he will reveal all his secrete.. All laugh at that and Maan gets angrier at all.. Brij munda is watching everything from upstairs balcony.. Maan looks sternly at dadima and says dadima you also started with this people. Then he turns to look at Geet and says Geet you know why I do not want this party only because of your safety.. Geet says you cannot control your own anger how can you control your alcohol consumption… All laugh at that.. Maan says with a gritted teeth Geet your are provoking me… dadima says but why would she provoke you.. Maan says dadima you know very well that I do not want to do this party because of Geet’s safety but Geet cuts him and says those are all excuses… She adds oh now you are finding excuses because of me.. Whenever you do not want to do anything you are taking my name in vein. All are laughing at MSK hiding their face.. Maan sees that he has been outnumbered so he decides to go with majority and says ok we will have bachelor party and that also tonight. He orders Adi to make arrangement and invite everyone and he looks at his three ladies and says I will prove to all three of you that I do not get drunk… He keeps on mumbling I do not get drunk’ Geet then taking the hand of Dadima and Annie quickly leads them away saying dadima lets go.. before Maan changes his decision…

    Brij walks back in the kitchen and throws something on the floor mumbling that today is his last chance. He says geet would be totally alone and I will have to complete my mission.

    Part 3:

    Romeo, Pandeji and Manish walk in the hall with Arjun.. Manish praises Romeo for booking a nice hall but Arjun did not like the arrangement and he says what kind of place is this? Do you really think this is appropriate?? Romeo says I have booked such a nice hall in such a short time and you are finding the faults with that. Romeo says the lights are adequate only needs little modifications. Arjun looks around but does not like it. He tells Romeo to just shut up and says I will have to rearrange all these lights and make this hall better for party. Suddenly Annie walks in and walks toward them.. Arjun turns his face to see who has arrived but looking at Annie he just could not take his eyes away from her. Sajna ve sanjana ve starts in the BG’ Annie also walks near him looking at him straight in the eyes.. She comes near them and stands in front of Arjun. Arjun looks at her for a while and says what are you doing here? And adds sarcastically Are you also attending bachelor party? Annie looks behind Arjun at her three friends and says guys why don’t you laugh Arjun cracks such a nice joke…. Arjun looks really serious. Annie says with her own attitude.. She says it is my brother’s wedding and I am supervising all the arrangements so obviously I am here to see this one too as I do not trust any one with the arrangements. Then she leans on the right side to look at the threesome and says guys let’s start our job of decorating this hall. All of them scattered around. She stands alone with Arjun and asks him so you really do not know why I am here. Arjun rudely says no, he does not and he is not interested in knowing either. Then he starts to move away saying he has more important work to do.. But Annie puts her hand on his shoulder and stops him saying and my talk it more important then all your important work… Arjun looks at her hand on his shoulder and stops

    Annie asks him little heatedly.. What are you doing? Arjun says what am I doing? Annie says aren’t you the same Arjun who said that he creates the relationship as you are the wedding planner and no one knows better about the important of relations better then you. Arjun stands there and fights with his own heart.. the struggle of his heart is easily visible on his face… Annie does not leave him alone she says you are the one who bring people closer than what about your own self Arjun? What about your own happiness? Arjun does not answer her but takes a step to move away. But determinedly Annie holds his hand and stops him and says why do you get so terrified when I talk about your life… Arjun tells her very seriously that my life is only with me. When I told you about the relations that was only for others.. My life has only one relation and that is arujun rathod’s with arjun rathod. He then adds dispassionately saying and I do not believe in any other relations other then that. Then he turns and looks at Annie and says I do not believe in love and affection.. Annie looks at him without a word and could see easily that he is hurting inside saying this things to her but just looks at him and does not say anything. With a heavy heart Arjun walks away from there… ( well well Mr rathod is running away with this strong feelings he has developed for Annie… well he can try to suppress it but I think if Annie is even in little trouble his love will come surfacing and he will not be able to hide it’ Well I will wait for that… )

    Annie looks at his departing back and says in her heart.. Arjun I do not know about how you feel but I do trust love and affection and if I fell in love I will not hide it.. (I like that Annie.. U go girl.. love that determination in you’ well u are the sister of MSK so you will have something of him..)

    Inside the KM… the balcony is decorated beautifully with flowers and lights… Maan walks in talks to himself that I will not leave Geet alone in any case. He then thinks of something and dials a number. Pinky is in the office and her phone rings.. She looks at the caller ID and is terrified that Maan is calling her. She mumbles that oh she is in the office working and she came on time too so why Maan sir is calling her… she does not pick up the phone. Tasha who was standing behind her walks near and tells her that her phone is ringing.. Still Pinky does not pick up the phone knowing who the caller is.. Reaching over her Tasha picks up the phone and then looking at the screen sees Maan.. Abruptly she hands over phone to pinky who stammers and takes the phone in her hand and says hello and stammering starts giving the details about the office that boys are not there and all the girls are in.. and all are working and she is working too and came on time etc etc’ Maan smiles at that and says he knows… Then he says today you girls also will not work but you all come here and have party with Geet. Pinky says but why how? Maan says that while we boys are having fun.. you girls also have fun with Geet and it is a surprise for Geet so come.. Pinky is happy to do something nice for her dear friend.. Joyfully she disconnects the phone and tells Tasha that we were given a day off to have our very own only girls party so let go and go to KM to be with Geet and she drags Tasha with her..

    At KM…

    People are walking with the garlands of flowers for decorations and Brij is walking in the corridor thinking that each days is passing by without me doing anything and that Geet is now dancing around with happiness and I cannot do anything except burning with anger… I just need one chance.. Just one chance so I can finish my job.. He is meditating on his thoughts and walking slowly in the corridor.. Here Maan is walking and enters the corridor from the other end.. He sees Brij from the back.. Brij was with his signature gesture of rubbing his neck when he is really angry.. Maan looks at that and squints his eyes.. He sees a man in the turban rubbing his neck in a familiar gesture.. I am not sure if Maan remembers that but it looks like that it reminds Maan of something and he stops and watches this man from behind….


    A scene from the bachelor party.. Girls are dancing on Shiela ki Jawani song…



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