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    Default Emotional Attyachar on Rakhi's show?

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    The show takes a turn to highlight some emotional and strong relationships through various stories...

    After all the masaaledar segments in Imagine's Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan, the show will see some emotional stories in the coming episodes.

    A source says, "The episode is called Dil Dosti and consists of two stories. The first story is about two men who have been writing letters to each other for the past 34 years. Moved by their affection and friendship, Rakhi tells the audience that she has never seen a solid and strong friendship. She calls out for their letters in the open so that they could be shown to the entire audience. When Rakhi starts reading the letters, the audience gets so touched by the letters that a man starts crying.

    The source further adds, "The second story is about a married man and a boy who became friends through facebook. They are close friends now so much so that they spend time in the park checking girls out. The wife comes with the complaint that her husband spends too much time with the boy and she demands that he should spend more time with the family."

    Well, like always, seems like there is a lot to watch on the show.



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