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    List Of Fun Questions For Your Lover

    * What attracts you towards me the most?
    * What is the funniest thing you've ever done?
    * Who was your first crush and how old were you?
    * How many girls/ boys have you dated so far?
    * Which TV show bores you the most?
    * What is your favorite chocolate?
    * What is the most outrageous thing you've ever done?
    * Which country you would never want to go?
    * If you could change your name, it would be
    * Who do you hate the most in this world?
    * How many sex partners have you had so far?
    * Have you ever slept in a movie? If so, which one?
    * Which is your worst nightmare?
    * What is your most favorite way of kissing me?
    * What do feel about kids?
    * What are your romance fantasies?
    * Which music irritates you the most?
    * What kind of cologne do you use?
    * Have you ever committed a crime?
    * Why do you love me?
    * What is your idea of a perfect holiday destination?
    * Which is our best date so far?
    * What would you do if you win $ 1,000,000?
    * What were your nicknames as a child?
    * What made you crazy about me?
    * Do you know how to cook?
    * When will you marry me?
    * Have you ever stolen anything before?
    * What section of the newspaper do you read first?
    * Which book has changed your life?
    * What was your first impression about me?
    * How long did you like me before you actually confessed?
    * Do you ever dance when there's no music being played?
    * What is the worst thing you've ever eaten for breakfast?
    * If you had to choose another person apart from me, who would it be?
    * Do you like hot drinks on hot days?
    * Did you ever cry in a movie? If so, which one?
    * What is common among us?
    * What are your views on French kissing?
    * What would be your favorite gift?
    * Which is our best date ever?

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    I am Brown so ARe you DOwN?
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    lol thanksss
    sorry dude .... Hash



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