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    Default Big Players Out of World Cup – No Charm!

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    Unexpected” is the word for 2010 Football World Cup… And I am surprised at the performances of big names like Kaka, Ronaldo, Messi and Rooney who not only failed miserably in their personal performances but gained sheer responsibilities for knocking their own teams out of the World Cup too! I guess these players have forgotten as to how it is to live up to the expectations of their fans. What a huge turn around has been seen till now.

    Let me talk about my favorite team Brazil first. Although I am not a die-hard football lover, but this World Cup has engaged people from all age groups, so how I could be left behind? Besides, my inclination towards Kaka (not much) holds my biased nature towards Brazil. Okay, don’t divert my attention folks; let me concentrate on the game. Their quarter final was started with a bang, but ended in a whimper! And the worse part was losing the game against Holland 1-2. Ofcourse, the samba magic was missing this time. Watching their matches, I could not feel the same warmth and excitement as it used to be at the time of watching a REAL Brazil match! Agree na?

    And how can I forget Rooney’s performance? The key player from England looked restless and all tired throughout the tournament (Jitna bhi khela hai) (Till the time his team survived). The loss from Germany was the most embarrassing of them all! Tell me; is the team only comfortable in playing on their own grounds? There was no discipline and that urge to win the game was lacking somewhere.

    Let us talk about another team. Italy! It was harassing to see the performance of the defending champions! What went wrong with them? And where were Antonio Cassano and Mario Balotelli. Is this their preparation for the ultimate event? Okay, we should not blame a team just because they lack key players. But what were the other performers doing? They only managed to survive in first few games, thanks to their draws with Paraguay and Kiwis. What a performance Italy! Keep it up!

    Last, but definitely not the least, Argentina. Messi is the word for me, when I talk about Argentina. But Messi was seen in a whole mess. The humiliation surrounded their team too and its only god who knows as to how long will it take them to come out of this mess!


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