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    Default ★☆★ Emma Watson Elle Magazine August 2009 ★☆★

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    Emma Watson covers and gives interview with Elle magazine for the August 2009 issue.

    The actress has been on the cover of just about every tween and woman’s magazine in existance over the past month. She is being pimped out hard, as the girl eye-candy for the Harry Potter franchise and will be helping to bank the latest movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The male actors are working, but need to step their game up.


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    omg i luv her so much....
    Plzzzzzzz HiT On If U like My Posts .....

    I WaNna Be d GuRl HeEz ScArEd To LoSe ....
    ThE OnE WhO He CaNt WaLk AwAy FrOm KnOwIn ShEeZ MaD At HiM.....ThE OnE WhO CaNt FaLl AsLeEp WiDoUt HeR VoIcE BeInG ThE LaSt OnE ThAt He HeArS ....
    ThE OnE He WoUlDeNt KnOw WhAtTa do WiThOut.....
    ThE OnE He CaNt PiCtUrE BeInG WiThOuT.

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    Thank You Great Share



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