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    VA - Discoteca Anni 90 - Hits of the 90s (1990-1999)
    226 Tracks | Release: 1990-1999 | MP3 128-320 Kbps | 1.67 GB
    Genre: Pop/ Dance/Disco

    01.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive)
    02.2 Fabiola - Play this song
    03.2 Unlimited - No Limit
    04.2 Unlimited - The Real Thing
    05.2 Unlimited - Twilight zone
    06.20 Fingers - Lick It
    07.20 Fingers - Short **** Man
    08.Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny
    09.Alexia - Me And You
    10.Alexia - Number One
    11.Alexia - Summer is Crazy
    12.Alexia - The Music I Like
    13.Ann Lee - Two Times
    14.Ann Lee - Voices
    15.Anticappella - Move your body
    16.Antico - We need freedomArea - Music For Your Eyes
    17.ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Original Radio Edit)
    18.Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
    19.Basic Connection - Hablame Luna
    20.Bumpers - Good Fun (Extended)
    21.Bellini - Samba De Janeiro
    22.Blackwood - My love for you
    23.Blackwood - Ride On The Rhythm
    24.Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar Deluxe - Sun Is Shining
    25.Boy George - Love Is Leaving
    26.C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat
    27.Cabballero - Hymn (Trance Club Mix)
    28.Cappella - Move it up
    29.Cappella - Move On Baby
    30.Cappella - Tell Me The Way
    31.Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music
    32.Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
    33.Captain Hollywood Project - More And More
    34.Catchy tune - Generation of love
    35.Centory Feat Turbo B - Point of No Return
    36.Clone - Fairy Tale (La Cinta Rosa)
    37.Club House Feat Carl - Nowhere Land (Original Mix)
    38.Co.Ro feat. Taleesa - Because the night
    39.Corona - Baby Baby
    40.Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
    41.Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
    42.Da Blitz - I Believe
    43.Da Blitz - Let Me Be (Classic Mix)
    44.Da Blitz - MovinOn
    45.Da Blitz - Stay With Me (Club Mix)
    46.Da Blitz - Take Me Back
    47.Da Blitz - Take My Way
    48.Datura - Angeli Domini (Alma Mater)
    49.Datura - El Sueno
    50.Datura - Eternity
    51.Datura - Fade to Grey (Feat. Steve Strange)
    52.Diario - Sunchyme
    53.Digital Boy with Asia - The mountain of king
    54.Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me
    55.Dj Cerla & Moratto - Wonder
    56.DJ Dado - Coming Back (Club mix Extended)
    57.DJ Dado & Simone Jay - Ready Or Not
    58.Dj Sylvan - Guitar Spell
    59.Double You - Dancing With An Angel
    60.Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    61.Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body
    62.Einstein Doctor D.J. - Elektro Woman
    63.Fargetta - Midnight (Get Far Mix)
    64.Fun Factory - Close to you
    65.Gala - Come Into My Life
    66.Gala - Freed From Desire
    67.Gala - Let A Boy Cry
    68.Gigi DAgostino - Another Way
    69.Gigi DAgostino - Bla Bla Bla
    70.Gigi DAgostino - Elisir
    71.Gigi DAgostino - La Passion
    72.Gigi DAgostino - LAmour Toujours
    73.Gigi DAgostino - Music
    74.Gigi DAgostino - The Riddle
    75.Guru Josh - Infinity
    76.Ice Mc. - Its A Rainy Day
    77.Ice Mc. - Think about the way
    78.Indiana - Tears On My Face (I Can See The Rain)
    79.J.T Company feat. Greg G. - Wet progresive trance mix
    80.Jam & Spoon - Angel
    81.Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night
    82.Jinny - One More Time (Night Mix)
    83.Jordy - Dur dur detre bebe
    84.JT Company - Feel It (In The Air) (JT Company Team Vers.)
    85.Kim Lukas - All I Really Want
    86.Kriss - Tonight
    87.La Bouche - Be My Lover
    88.La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
    89.Lady Violet - Inside To Outside (Turning)
    90.Magic Paper - Tonight Is The Night
    91.Marusha - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    92.Marvellous Melodicos - Sing Oh! (Zagalo Mix)
    93.Marvellous Melodicus - The Sun And The Moon
    94.Mauro Pilato & Max Monti - Gam Gam
    95.Miss Jane - Its A Fine Day
    96.Mo-Do - Eins Zwei Polizei
    97.Mo-Do - Super Gut
    98.Molella - Change (Original Mix)
    99.Molella - Confusion
    100.Molella - Originale Radicale Musicale (F.M. Mix)
    101.Molella - XS (Mare Mix)
    102.Molella Feat. The Outhere Brothers - If You Wanna Party
    103.Neja - Restless
    104.Neja - The Game
    105.Netzwerk - Memories (Extended)
    106.Netzwerk - Passion
    107.Netzwerk - Send Me An Angel
    108.New Atlantic Feat. BERRi - The Sunshine After The Rain (Two Cowboys Mix)
    109.Nikita - Eterna Divina (Molta Violenza mix)
    110.N-Trance - Stayin Alive
    111.N-Trance feat. Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think Im Sexy
    112.Outhere Brothers - Dont Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)
    113.Outhere Brothers - Pass The Toilet Paper
    114.Pan Position - Jack YAll (Jackie Mix)
    115.Paps N Skar - You Want My Love (Din Don Da Da)
    116.Paradisio - Bailando
    117.Paraje - Animalaction
    118.Pinocchio - Pinocchio
    119.Pinocchio - Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta
    120.Playahitty - The Summer Is Magic
    121.Prezioso Feat. Daphnes - Anybody Anyway (Club Mix)
    122.Prezioso Feat. Marvin - Tell Me Why
    123.Ramirez - Bomba (DJ Ricci Techno-Espana Mix)
    124.Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It
    125.Regina - Day By Day
    126.Sash! - Encore Une Fois
    127.Sash! - La Primavera (Original 12)
    128.Sash! feat. Dr. Alban - Colour the world
    129.Sash! feat. La trec - Stay
    130.Sash! feat. Rodriguez - Ecuador
    131.Scatman John - Scatman
    132.Scatman John - Scatmans World
    133.Scooter - Friends
    134.Scooter - How Much Is The Fish
    135.Scooter - Hyper Hyper (Original Mix)
    136.Scooter - Move Your Ass
    137.Shaft - (Mucho Mambo) Sway
    138.Silvia Coleman - Take my breath away
    139.Simone Jay - Wanna B Like A Man
    140.Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)
    141.Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (12 Mix)
    142.Systematic - I Got The Music
    143.T 42 Feat. Sharp - Melody Blue (Fargetta Radio Edit)
    144.Taleesa - I Found Luv
    145.Taleesa - Let Me Be (Club Mix)
    146.The Grooveman - Imsoniak Ill Be Your Nightmare
    147.The Immortals - Mortal Kombat
    148.The Soundlovers - Walking (All the Djs Mix)
    149.The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel It
    150.Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Josh - Round And Around
    151.Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Josh - The Colour Inside (Radio Edit)
    152.Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing (New 7 Dance Mix)
    153.Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom!!
    154.Vengaboys - Up & Down
    155.Vengaboys - We Like To Party!
    156.Vengaboys - Were Going To Ibiza
    157.Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle
    158.Web - Lovin Times (Extended Mix)
    159.Whigfield - Saturday Night
    160.X-Treme - Love Song
    161.Z100 - Arrivarriva
    162.Z100 - Sopportare
    TRACKLIST Dream-Progressive-Techno-Trance:
    01.2 Culture in a Room - Android (Energetik Mix)
    02.Alex Castelli - Enjoy (Ottomix)
    03.Arkimed - LUltimo Dei Mohicani
    04.Art of Trance - Octopus (Original mix)
    05.B.B.E. - Seven Days and One Week
    06.Bobby Flexter - Profondo Rosso (Gallo Salsotto Remix)
    07.Chimo Bayo - Extasi Extano
    08.Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Naline & Kane rmx)
    09.DJ Dado - Dreaming (Extended Mix)
    10.DJ Dado - Metropolis (The Legend Of Babel) (Extended Vocal Mix)
    11.DJ Dado - Metropolis (The Legend Of Babel) (Original Mix)
    12.DJ Dado - Revenge (Radio Mix)
    13.DJ Dado - X-Files (DJ Dado Paranormal Activity Mix)
    14.DJ Jan - X-Santo (K-Lab Remix)
    15.DJ Kalpa & Marino Stephano - Dreams Harmony
    16.DJ Panda - My Dimension
    17.DJ Panda Feat. Aleexa - Dreaming Of Fantasy (Back In A Dream Mix)
    18.DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima (Original 12 cut)
    19.Fabietto Cataneo - Atlantis
    20.Gigi DAgostino - Fly
    21.Gigi DAgostino - Gigis Violin
    22.Gigi DAgostino - New Years Day
    23.Gigi DAgostino - Noise Maker Theme
    24.Human Groove - Your Brain is Mine (Extended Version)
    25.Imperio - Atlantis (Club Mix)
    26.Imperio - Cyberdream (Cyber Club Mix)
    27.Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality (Energy mix)
    28.Legend B - Lost In Love
    29.M.U.T.E. - Clap On The Top Of Me (Attack Mix)
    30.Mario Piu - Dedicated (Mas Mix)
    31.Mario Piu - Mas Experience (Trance Plus Mix)
    32.Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - No Name (Mas Mix)
    33.Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire (Extended Mix)
    34.Moonman - First Light
    35.Mystic Force - Psychic Harmony
    36.Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (Over the Sky)
    37.Olimpo - Free Your Mind
    38.Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel
    39.Prezioso - Raise Your Power
    40.Prophecy - LArcano Incantatore (Rosa di Rose Mix)
    41.Quadran - Eternally (dance mix)
    42.R.A.F. By Picotto - Bakerloo Symphony (Mediterranean Progressive Mix)
    43.R.A.F. By Picotto - Ocean Whispers
    44.R.A.F. By Picotto & Gigi DAgostino - Angels Symphony (Mediterranean Mix)
    45.Rexanthony - Polaris Dream (Cocco mix)
    46.Ricky Le Roy - First Mission (Blond Angel Mix)
    47.Robert Miles - Children (Dream Version)
    48.Robert Miles - Children
    49.Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Version)
    50.Robert Miles - Fable
    51.Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler - One And One (Club Version)
    52.Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler - One And One
    53.Roland Brant - Cosmic Rave
    54.Roland Brant - Hyperspace (Extended)
    55.Roland Brant - Mastermind
    56.Roland Brant - Nuclear Sun (Gianni Parrini Remix 94)
    57.Roland Brant - Nuclear Sun (Original Mix)
    58.Saccoman - Sunshine Dance (Extended Mix)
    59.Sinus - Blob (Extended)
    60.Storm - Storm (Club Mix)
    61.The Spy - The Persuaders Theme (Secret Mission)
    62.Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Virtual Mix)
    63.X-Form - Apollo 13 (We Have A Problem) (Radio Edit)
    64.X-Form - Pleasure Voyage (Apollo Mix)
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