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    Default SPA Collection (6CD) (2009)

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    SPA Collection (6CD) (2009)

    New Age, Meditative, Relax, Health | MP3 | 256 Kbps | 529.9 Mb

    CD1: Purete Marine
    01. O-Mega (Ylric Illans)
    02. Hydrosphere (Ylric Illans)
    03. Soins Aux Algues (Ylric Illans)
    04. Raie Manta (Ylric Illans)
    05. Calme Oceanique (Ylric Illans)
    06. Planete Azure (Ylric Illans)

    CD2: Hammam Serenite
    07. Quiet Life (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    08. Moiteur Douce (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    09. Juste Un Murmure (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    10. Vapeur d?Orient (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    11. Perle De Peau (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    12. Brume Serenite (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)

    CD3: Soin Fraicheur
    13. Purity (Jerome Hameau)
    14. Source Chaude (Jerome Hameau)
    15. Out Of The Blue (Jerome Hameau)
    16. Fraicheur Intense (Jerome Hameau)
    17. Goutte De Lumiere (Jerome Hameau)
    18. Sensation Ultime (Jerome Hameau)

    CD4: Rituels De Bain
    19. Arpege Fraicheur (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    20. Eau De Nuit (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    21. Sensitive Blue (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    22. Jeux Cristallins (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    23. Au Coeur Le La Blue (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)
    24. Danse Aquatique (Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs)

    CD5: Sansa Quietude
    25. Fahrenheit (Bruno Philip)
    26. Heating Blue (Bruno Philip)
    27. Altostratus (Bruno Philip)
    28. O-Zone (Bruno Philip)
    29. Moment Of Peace (Bruno Philip)
    30. Floating Out (Bruno Philip)

    CD6: Aqua Tonic
    31. Hydro-Jet (Michel Goubin)
    32. Souffle D?eau (Michel Goubin)
    33. Waterflow (Michel Goubin)
    34. Aqua Force (Michel Goubin)
    35. Tonic Line (Michel Goubin)
    36. Danse De L?eau (Michel Goubin)




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