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    Default Mance Lipscomb - Trouble In Mind (2005)

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    Mance Lipscomb - Trouble In Mind (2005)

    Mance Lipscomb - Trouble In Mind (2005)

    Label: Rhino/Warner | MP3 320Kbps | 25 track | 174 MB
    Genre: Country, Blues

    Mance Lipscomb (1895-1976), guitarist and songster, was born to Charles and Jane Lipscomb on April 9, 1895, in the Brazos bottoms near Navasota, Texas, where he lived most of his life as a tenant farmer. His father was an Alabama slave who acquired the surname Lipscomb when he was sold to a Texas family of that name. Lipscomb dropped his given name, Bowdie Glenn, and named himself Mance when a friend, an old man called Emancipation, passed away. Lipscomb and Elnora, his wife of sixty-three years, had one son, Mance Jr., three adopted children, and twenty-four grandchildren.
    Lipscomb represented one of the last remnants of the nineteenth-century songster tradition, which predated the development of the blues. Though songsters might incorporate blues into their repertoires, as did Lipscomb, they performed a wide variety of material in diverse styles, much of it common to both black and white traditions in the South, including ballads, rags, dance pieces (breakdowns, waltzes, one and two steps, slow drags, reels, ballin' the jack, the buzzard lope, hop scop, buck and wing, heel and toe polka), and popular, sacred, and secular songs. Lipscomb himself insisted that he was a songster, not a guitarist or "blues singer," since he played "all kinds of music." His eclectic repertoire has been reported to have contained 350 pieces spanning two centuries. (He likewise took exception when he was labeled a "sharecropper" instead of a "farmer.")


    [2:34] 1. Captain, Captain (Take 2)
    [4:33] 2. Careless Love (Take 2)
    [2:58] 3. When Death Come Creeping In Your Room (Take 1)
    [2:36] 4. Alabama Bound (Take 2)
    [1:33] 5. Buck Dance (Instrumental)
    [4:49] 6. Night Time Is The Right Time (Take 1)
    [4:01] 7. Rocks And Gravel makes A Solid Road (Take 6)
    [3:15] 8. Johnny Take A One On Me (Take 2)
    [3:00] 9. Motherless Children (Take 2)
    [2:38] 10. Which-A-Way Do Red River Run (Take 2)
    [3:09] 11. Trouble In Mind (Take 1)
    [2:32] 12. Ballad Of The Boll Weevil (Take 10)
    [3:12] 13. Boogie In 'A' (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:02] 14. Hattie Green (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:04] 15. Bumble Bee Blues (Previously Unreleased)
    [2:46] 16. Shine On Harvest Moon (Previously Unreleased)
    [2:34] 17. Cocaine Done Kill My Baby (Previously Unreleased)
    [4:24] 18. Hey Lawdy Mama (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:01] 19. Is You Gonna Quit Me Baby (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:17] 20. Frankie Was A Good Woman (Previously Unreleased)
    [2:00] 21. You Gonna Look Like a Monkey (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:21] 22. Black Gal (Previously Unreleased)
    [2:19] 23. Casey Jones (Previously Unreleased)
    [2:09] 24. After Hours (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)
    [3:00] 25. Angel Child (Previously Unreleased)



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