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    Loudon Wainwright III - 40 Odd Years [4CD] (2011)
    Audio CD (May 10 2011) | Number of Discs: 5 | mp3 320 kbps | 682 MB
    Genre: Folk
    Loudon Wainwright III has enjoyed a long fruitiful career as a songwriter performer and actor. He?s issued over 20 albums since his debut In 1970 (not including live or compilation records) and won a Grammy for High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project. As an actor he appeared on three episodes in the third season of M*A*S*H played a sminal role on the sitcom Undeclared and appeared in no less than seven feature films. The music and the man are the twin subject of 40 Odd Years a generous beautifullty chronicled four-CD box set by Shout Factory.

    Wainwright?s fans with be delighted by the 92 tracks included on the CDs divided into chronlogical categories ? 1969-1983; 1984-1995; 1996-2010 ? with a fourth disc of rare and unreleased material included that features live tracks demos a beautiful duet with late ex-wife Kate McGarrigle on ?Weave Room Blues? a collaboration with Ireland?s Boys of the Lough on ?The Hardy Boys at the Y? and ?At the End of a Lonely Day? with Suzzy Roche. There?s also a new track cut for the box entitled ?Dead Man.? The compilation discs include virtually everything a Wainwright aficionado could wish for; it reflects the dizzying diversity of his songwriting in folk blues and pop traditions. Wainwright has notched a particular place in music history as an irreverent (to say the least) often politically incorrect satirist and agent provocateur who refuses to take himself too seriously; he?s a gifted topical songwriter who embodies American music?s?? rich roots traditions and has had a fanatical cult following during each of the last five decades; the last being one of his most active. This is the grail for fans but it also belongs in every American community library and as part of any ?required listening? cirriculum.
    CD1: 1969 ? 1983
    1. School Days
    2. I Don?t Care
    3. Uptown
    4. Be Careful There?s a Baby in the House
    5. Saw Your Name in the Paper
    6. Dead Skunk
    7. New Paint
    8. Drinking Song
    9. The Swimming Song
    10. Dilated to Meet You
    11. Down Drinking at the Bar
    12. The Man Who Couldn?t Cry
    13. Whatever Happened to Us* [Live]
    14. Crime of Passion [Live]
    15. Kick in the Head [Live]
    16. Summer?s Almost Over
    17. Just Like President Thieu
    18. Golfin? Blues
    19. The Heckler
    20. Natural Disaster
    21. Red Guitar
    22. Hollywood Hopeful
    23. IDTTYWLM
    24. Grammy Song
    CD2: 1984 ? 1995
    1. Westchester County
    2. I?m Alright
    3. Screaming Issue
    4. Unhappy Anniversary
    5. Your Mother and I
    6. Synchronicity
    7. Hard Day on the Planet
    8. You Don?t Want to Know
    9. Bill of Goods
    10. Thanksgiving
    11. Your Father?s Car
    12. When I?m at Your House
    13. The Picture
    14. Men
    15. So Many Songs
    16. Tip That Waitress
    17. I?d Rather Be Lonely
    18. April Fool?s Day Morn
    19. The Acid Song
    20. IWIWAL
    21. A Year
    22. Dreaming
    CD3: 1996 ? 2010
    1. So Damn Happy
    2. Primrose Hill
    3. Bein? a Dad
    4. Four s
    5. It?s Love and I Hate It
    6. Christmas Morning
    7. Pretty Good Day
    8. White Winos
    9. Bed
    10. Surviving Twin
    11. The Shit Song [Live]
    12. Between [Live]
    13. My Biggest Fan
    14. When You Leave
    15. Make Your Mother Mad
    16. Daughter
    17. Grey in L.A.
    18. Muse Blues
    19. Motel Blues
    20. The Deal
    21. Rowena
    22. High Wide & Handsome
    CD4: Rare & Unreleased
    1. Weave Room Blues
    2. McSorley?s
    3. Black Uncle Remus [Demo] [Demo Version]
    4. Funny Having Money
    5. The Hardy Boys at the Y
    6. Laid [Live]
    7. Outsidey [Live]
    8. That Cat
    9. Surfin? Queen [Demo] [Demo Version]
    10. Newt
    11. 4X10 [Live]
    12. Somethin? Stupid
    13. The Miles [Live]
    14. So Good So Far [Live]
    15. Big Fish
    16. No Sure Way
    17. Hey There 2nd Grader
    18. More I Cannot Wish You
    19. Florida (Lucky You)
    20. Hank and Fred [Live]
    21. Your Eyes [Demo] [Demo Version]
    22. Dead Man
    23. At the End of a Long Lonely Day
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