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    Default Legendary Crooners (6cd boxset Remastered)

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    Legendary Crooners (6cd boxset Remastered)
    Jazz/Swing | 6CD | Mp3 | 320 kbps | 730 MB
    disc one
    very best of dean martin

    1.everybody loves somebody
    2.A your`e adorable
    3.i wonder whos kissing her now
    4.far away places
    5.september song
    6.for me and my gal
    7.on a slow boat to china
    8.theres yes yes yes in your eyes
    10.i dont see me in your eyes anymore`d be surprised
    12.that certain party[with gerry lewis]
    13.sweet heart of sigma chi
    14.where are you?
    15.memory lane lady loves to dance
    17.through a long and sleepless night
    18.your`e so understanding
    19.a hot time in the town of berlin it lies,how it lies,how it lies

    disc two
    bing crosby

    1.swinging on a star
    2.gone fishin skies
    4.moonlight becomes you the cool,cool,cool of the evening
    6.the folks who live on the hill
    7.too ra loo ra loo ra
    8.warap your troubles in dreams
    10.people will say we`re in love
    11.Mcnamaras band
    12.a fella with an umbrella
    13.dont fence me in
    14.sweet Leilani
    15.the spaniard who blighted my life a simple melody
    17.san Antonio rose is the hour
    19.give me the simple life
    20.Alexander`s ragtime band

    disc three
    frank sinatra

    1.on the sunny side of the street make me feel so young
    3.from this day forward by day
    5.a fellow needs a girl
    6.for you
    7.full moon and empty arms me or leave me
    9.out of nowhere
    10.homesick-thats all
    11.close to you
    12.all through the day
    13.ghost of a chance
    14.light a candle in the chapel
    15.Aint`cha ever coming back
    16.five minutes more
    17.oh what it seemed to be
    18.I`ll never smile again
    19.dont forget tonight tomorrow

    disc four
    perry como

    1.deep in the heart of texas
    2.may i never love again
    3.i wonder whos kissing her now
    4.goodbye sue
    5.have i stayed away too long
    6.long ago[and far away]
    7.Lili marlene
    8.i dream of you
    9.i`m confessin that i love you
    11.if i loved you
    12.i`m gonna love that gal
    13.till the end of time
    14.did you ever get that feeling in the moonlight
    15.i`m always chasing rainbows wouldnt be satisfied[until you break my heart]
    17.prisinor of love
    19.when you were sweet sixteen
    20.chi baba-chi baba[my bambino go to sleep]

    disc five
    fred astaire-shall we dance]

    1.shall we dance
    2.night and day.
    3.a foggy day
    4.hang on to me
    5.funny face one and only sun in the sky
    8.they cant take that away from me
    9.ive got you on my mind
    10.fascinating rhythm
    11.nice work if you can get it
    12.the rabbit and the bromide
    13.lets call the whole thing off
    14.putting on the ritz
    15.high hat
    16.crazy feet

    disc six
    mario lanza[song of songs]

    1.Ave Maria
    2.because your mine
    4.without a song of songs my love
    7.A kiss
    8.i love thee
    9.E lucevan le stella
    10.donkey serenade
    11.the lovliest night of the year
    13.parigi o cara
    14.o soave faniculla
    15.cosi cosa
    16.turna A surriento

    Code: Crooners.part5.rar Crooners.part6.rar Crooners.part4.rar Crooners.part3.rar Crooners.part2.rar Crooners.part1.rar



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