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    Default Lady Gaga - The Remix (2010) [FLAC]

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    Lady Gaga - The Remix (2010)
    1CD | EAC Rip | FLAC(tracks) + CUE + LOG | 77:15 | No Scans | 548 MB
    Genre: Pop | Label: Polydor | Release: 2010-01-10

    With Lady Gaga becoming pop music's biggest star and releasing a handful of inescapable singles over the past year, a remix album of her recent work was all but inevitable. Thankfully, Gaga has employed a collection of more-than-capable producers to make her dance-ready smashes from "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" even more propulsive on "The Remix." A majority of the tracks -- including Starsmith's keyboard-heavy take on "Bad Romance" and a bombastic reworking of "LoveGame" that features a Marilyn Manson cameo -- speed up the tempo and accentuate Gaga's earworm refrains. "The Remix" works best, however, when the artists use the singer's framework as inspiration for new musical sensations. Stuart Price flips around the chorus of "Paparazzi" to emphasize Gaga's sense of longing, while Passion Pit turns "Telephone" into a delicious mix of techno, dubstep and chipmunk vocals. "The Remix's" 10 songs won't replace Gaga's chart-topping hits, but the tracks offer enough interesting angles to attract Gaga diehards as well as casual dance music fans.

    01. Just Dance (Richard Vission remix) (6:14)
    02. Poker Face (LLG vs. GLG radio mix) (4:03)
    03. LoveGame (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix) (feat. Marilyn Manson) (5:21)
    04. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Frankmusik "Cut Snare Edit" remix) (3:49)
    05. Paparazzi (Stuart Price remix) (3:20)
    06. Boys Boys Boys (Manhattan Clique remix) (6:37)
    07. The Fame (Glam as You radio edit by Guena LG) (3:57)
    08. Bad Romance (Starsmith remix) (4:56)
    09. Telephone (feat. Beyonce) (Passion Pit remix) (5:13)
    10. Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows remix) (3:58)
    11. Dance in the Dark (Monarchy "Stylites" remix) (6:10)
    12. Just Dance (Deewaan remix) (feat. Ashking, Wedis, Lush & Young Thoro) (4:17)
    13. LoveGame (Robots to Mars remix) (3:14)
    14. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Pet Shop Boys radio mix) (2:50)
    15. Poker Face (Piano & Voice version) (Live at the Cherrytree House) (3:38)
    16. Bad Romance (Grum remix) (4:50)
    17. Telephone (feat. Beyonce) (Alphabeat remix edit) (4:48)




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