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    Cool Joe Satriani - Super Colossal

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    Original Release Date: March 14, 2006
    Number of Discs: 1
    One of the most innovative voices in contemporary American music, guitarist Joe Satriani celebrates two decades as a recording artist by releasing yet another consistently strong and refreshing platter of soulful goodness. Like his former student and sometime sparring partner Steve Vai, Satriani shows his virtuosity rests not only in his command over his instrument but also in his command of composition. ?It?s So Good,? ?One Robot?s Dream,? and the title cut are constructed with a master?s sense of harmony, melody, and rhythm. Satch still shreds without compromise, as he demonstrates on ?Bedshift Riders,? but he also reminds us that he can compose gentle works of soul-stirring elegance as evidenced by ?Ten Words,? ?A Love Eternal,? and ?A Cool New Way.? With Super Colossal Satriani holds his place as one of the most imaginative and inspired minds of his?or any?musical generation.

    1. Super Colossal 4:16
    2. Just Like Lightnin? 4:01
    3. It?s So Good 4:14
    4. Redshift Riders4:50
    5. Ten Words 3:28
    6. A Cool New Way 6:13
    7. One Robot?s Dream 6:16
    8. The Meaning of Love 4:35
    9. Made of Tears5:32
    10. Theme for a Strange World 4:39
    11. Movin? On 4:05
    12. A Love Eternal 3:33
    13. Crowd Chant


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