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    Default Geza Anda - Troubadour Of The Piano (2005) (5CD BoxSet)

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    Geza Anda - Troubadour Of The Piano (2005) (5CD BoxSet)

    Geza Anda - Troubadour Of The Piano (2005) (5CD BoxSet)

    EAC Rip | 5CD | APE - Log - Cue | Scans | Release: 2005 | 1.55 GB
    Genre: Classical
    Geza Anda (1921-1976) has received considerable posthumous attention on disc. The bulk of his 1950s EMI catalog is available on Testament, while DG reissued his complete Mozart and Bartok concerto cycles several times over, along with Beethoven's Triple Concerto. "Troubadour of the Piano" (a sobriquet coined by Wilhelm Furtwangler) fleshes out the remainder of Anda's DG output, including rare wartime shellacs. Anda mavens might notice a few missing items, such as the Grieg Concerto with Rafael Kubelik (originally coupled with the Schumann Concerto in this set), and Anda's 1967 Brahms Second Concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan. But we do get his earlier and more interesting Berlin traversal with Fricsay at the helm, plus a newly minted transfer of their gaunt and scintillating Bartok Rhapsody.
    Discographic carping aside, Anda applied extraordinary craftsmanship at the keyboard and was a stimulating though at times controversial interpreter. Generally speaking, he favored point over mass, blueprint clarity over warm sensuality, and intricate details ahead of the big picture. The pianist lavishes Schumann's concerto with fanciful textures, unexpected accents, and exploratory rubatos, and though the finale's basic tempo is too sedate to take wing, at least it doesn't drag. In both the 1943 and 1963 Symphonic Etudes recordings Anda's technical finesse and X-ray projection make this gnarly opus sound like child's play. Strange, though, how he abruptly and crudely accelerates in the concluding measures. The Davidsbundlertanze proves equally distinctive, and Kreisleriana boasts refreshing lightness and stinging clarity, despite the absurdly fast tempo for the final movement's main section.
    You won't find warmth or soaring lyricism in Anda's C major Fantasy, but you will find a symphonic outlook and tightly knit intensity similar to Pollini's DG recording. Anda's Chopin Preludes penetrate through decades of accumulated interpretive sentiment and reveal the music's deep-rooted classical logic via brisk tempos, polyphonic astuteness, and fastidious ornaments played on rather than before the beat (few pianists do this).
    By contrast, the collection's third disc glaringly uncovers Anda's willful tendencies. Beethoven's Diabelli Variations receives a highly personalized reading characterized by extreme tempo modifications and, sad to say, a cavalier attitude toward repeats. The Schubert B-flat sonata's opening movement begins at the composer's Molto Moderato, followed by a jarring breath pause that compromises the first climax's impact, and then a considerably faster tempo announcing the F-sharp minor theme. And so on. The slow movement is choppy and discontinuous, while Anda slows the Scherzo's Trio down to a perverse crawl (the better to magnify the syncopations?). Rather than hold the Finale's dagger-like unison G-naturals for their notated value, Anda clips them short, holding the left hand a split second longer than the right. He obviously intends to replicate Schubert's forte-piano dynamic indication as accurately as one can on modern piano, and the effect takes some getting used to. At any rate, Anda's basic tempo is so fast that even his super fingers lose steam by the time he arrives at the difficult dotted chords--a bizarre interpretation, to say the least. The Liszt and Franck items from 78s also show the young Anda as a dazzling virtuoso and somewhat studied artist. All told, a provocative reissue.
    --Jed Distler,
    Robert Schumann
    Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.54
    1. Allegro Affettuoso
    2. Intermezzo
    3. Allegro vivace
    Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
    Conductor: Rafael Kubelik
    Date of Recording: 09/23/1963
    Venue: Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany
    Symphonic Etudes
    4. Thema: Andante
    5. Etude I (Variation I): Un Poco Piu Vivo
    6. Etude II (Var. II)
    7. Etude III: Vivace
    8. Etude IV (Var. III)
    9. Etude V (Var. IV): Vivacissimo
    10. Etude Vi (Var. V): Agitato
    11. Variation II Posth.
    12. Etude VII (Var. VI): Allegro Molto
    13. Etude VIII (Var. VII): Andante
    14. Variation V Posth.
    15. Etude IX: Presto Possibile
    16. Etude X (Var.VIII): Allegro
    17. Etude XI (Var. IX): Con Espressione
    18. Finale: Etude XII: Allegro Brillante
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (05/14/1963 - 05/17/1963)
    Cesar Franck
    19. Symphonic Variations For Piano And Orchestra
    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    Conductor: Eduard Van Beinum
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands (05/17/1943 - 05/21/1943)
    Franz Liszt (Arranger: Ferruccio Busoni)
    20. La Campanella
    Date of Recording: 06/1942
    Venue: Polydor Studios, Berlin, Germany
    Johannes Brahms
    Concerto for Piano no 2 in B flat major, Op. 83
    1. Allegro Non Troppo
    2. Allegro Appassionato
    3. Andante-Piu Adagio
    4. Allegretto Grazioso-Un Poco Piu Presto
    Ottomar Borwitzky (Cello)
    Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
    Conductor: Ferenc Fricsay
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (05/09/1960 - 05/12/1960)
    Bela Bartok
    Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 1/Sz 27
    5. Adagio Molto
    6. Poco Allegretto
    Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
    Conductor: Ferenc Fricsay
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (10/18/1960 - 10/19/1960)
    Franz Liszt
    Concert Etudes (2) for Piano, S 145: no 1, Waldesrauschen
    Rosenhugel Sound Studio, Vienna, Austria (05/09/1966 - 05/14/1966)
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Variations (33) for Piano on a Waltz by Diabelli in C major, Op. 120
    1. Thema: Vivace
    2. Var I: Alla Marcia maestoso
    3. Var II: Poco allegro
    4. Var III: L'istesso tempo
    5. Var IV: Un poco piu vivace
    6. Var V: Allegro vivace
    7. Var VI: Allegro ma non troppo e serioso
    8. Var VII: Un poco piu allegro
    9. Var VIII: Poco vivace
    10. Var IX: Allegro pesante e risoluto
    11. Var X: Presto
    12. Var XI: Allegretto
    13. Var XII: Un poco piu moto
    14. Var XIII: Vivace
    15. Var XIV: Grave e maestoso
    16. Var XV: Presto scherzando
    17. Var XVI: Allegro
    18. Var XVII
    19. Var XVIII: Poco moderato
    20. Var XIX: Presto
    21. Var XX: Andante
    22. Var XXI: Allegro con brio - meno allegro - Tempo I
    23. Var XXII: Allegro molto
    24. Van XXIII: Allegro assai
    25. Var XXIV: Fughetta: Andante
    26. Var XXV: Allegro
    27. Var XXVI
    28. Var XXVII: Vivace
    29. Var XXVIII: Allegro
    30. Var XXIX: Adagio ma non troppo
    31. Var XXX: Andante, sempre cantabile
    32. Var XXXI: Largo, molto expressivo
    33. Var XXXII: Fuga: Allegro - Poco adagio
    34. Var XXXIII: Tempo di Menuetto - Moderato
    Art House, Lucerne, Switzerland (05/15/1961 - 05/18/1961)
    Franz Schubert
    Sonata for Piano in B flat major, D 960
    35. Molto moderato
    36. Andante sostenuto
    37. Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza (quasi attacca
    38. Allegro ma non troppo
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (05/17/1963 - 05/18/1963); Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (06/04/1963 - 06/06/1963)
    Frederic Chopin
    Preludes (24) for Piano, Op. 28
    1. 1, C-Dur
    2. 2, a-moll
    3. 3, G-Dur
    4. 4, e-moll
    5. 5, D-Dur
    6. 6, h-moll
    7. 7, A-Dur
    8. 8, fis-moll
    9. 9, E-Dur
    10. 10, cis-moll
    11. 11, H-Dur
    12. 12, gis-moll
    13. 13, Fis-Dur
    14. 14, es^moll
    15. 15, Des-Dur 'Raindrop'
    16. 16, b-moll
    17. 17, As-Dur
    18. 18, f-moll
    19. 19, Es-Dur
    20. 20, c-moll
    21. 21, B-Dur
    22. 22, g-moll
    23. 23, F-Dur
    24. 24, d-moll
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (07/02/1959 - 07/08/1959)
    25. Polonaise for Piano in A flat major, B 147/Op. 53 "Heroic"
    Date of Recording: 07/08/1959
    Venue: Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany
    Robert Schumann
    Davidsbundlertanze for Piano, Op. 6
    26. 1. Lebhaft
    27. 2. Innig
    28. 3. Mit Humor (Etwas Hahnbuchen)
    29. 4. Ungeduldig
    30. 5. Einfach
    31. 6. Sehr Rasch (Sehr Rasch Und, Sich Hinein)
    32. 7. Nicht Schnell (Mit Ausserst Starker Empf...
    33. 8. Frisch
    34. 9. Lebhaft
    35. 10. Balladenmassig. Sehr Rasch
    36. 11. Einfach
    37. 12. Mit Hum38. 13. Wild Und Lustig
    39. 14. Zart Und Singend
    40. 15. Frisch
    41. 16. Mit Gutem Hum42. 18. Wie Aus Der Ferne
    43. 18. Nicht Schnell
    Rosenhugel Sound Studio, Vienna, Austria (05/09/1966 - 05/14/1966)
    Frederic Chopin
    44. Etudes (12) for Piano, Op. 25: no 5 in E minDate of Recording: 05/1943
    Venue: Berlin, Germany
    45. Mazurkas (4) for Piano, Op. 67: no 4 in A minor, B 163
    Date of Recording: 05/1943
    Venue: Berlin, Germany
    46. Mazurkas (4) for Piano, Op. 68: no 2 in A minor, B 18
    Date of Recording: 05/1943
    Venue: Berlin, Germany
    Robert Schumann
    Kreisleriana, Op. 16
    1. Agitatissimo
    2. Con molta espressione, non troppo presto - Intermezzo I
    3. Molto agitato
    4. Lento assai
    5. Vivace assai
    6. Lento assai
    7. Molto presto
    8. Vivace e scherzando
    Rosenhugel Sound Studio, Vienna, Austria (05/09/1966 - 05/14/1966)
    Phantasie for Piano in C major, Op. 17
    9. Durchaus fantastisch und leidenschaftlich
    10. Mssig. Durchaus energisch - Etwas langsa
    11. Langsam getragen. Durchweg leise zu halte
    Jesus Christ Church, Berlin, Germany (05/14/1963 - 05/17/1963)
    Etudes Symphoniques Op.13
    12. Thema Andante
    13. Etude I
    14. Etude II
    15. Etude III
    16. Etude IV
    17. Etude V
    18. Etude VI
    19. Variation II
    20. Etude VII
    21. Etude VIII
    22. Variation V
    23. Etude IX
    24. Etude X
    25. Etude XI
    26. Finale. Etude XII



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