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    Thumbs up The Dwarves - Are Born Again (2011)

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    Label : Greedy
    Genre : Punk
    Quality : 277 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
    Size : 62.70 MB
    Playing Time: 31:22 Min

    This album marks a return to the standard thrash/punk/noise sound they are known for, greatly more so than in previous Dwarves productions, the original sound of the Dwarves shows clearly in several tracks. This album follows a pop collaboration of Blag Dhalia's called “Candy Now”, as well as “Sunday School Massacre”, a solo album from Hewhocannotbenamed. A remake of the song “Happy Suicide” from that album appears on “Born Again” retitled as “Happy Birthday Suicide”. Like several previous Dwarves albums, it features the iconic images of the midget (Bobby Faust) and naked women attributed to The Dwarves, this time in a pseudo-religious framework.

    Track List:

    01. The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever 1:43
    02. 15 Minutes 0:43
    03. Stop Me 1:07
    04. Looking Out For Number One 1:53
    05. You'll Never Take Us Alive 2:17
    06. Bang Up 1:55
    07. We Only Came To Get High 1:26
    08. I Masturbate Me 2:32
    09. It's A Wonderful Life of Sin 2:34
    10. Happy Birthday Suicide 1:46
    11. Fake ID 2:01
    12. Working Class Hole 2:29
    13. FUTYD 1:08
    14. Candy Now 2:11
    15. Do The HeWhoCannotBeNamed 1:10
    16. Your Girl's Mom 1:16
    17. Zip Zero 1:36
    18. The Band That Wouldn't Die 1:35

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