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    Thumbs up The Crave - Breaking The Silence (2011)

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    Genre: Rock
    Quality: 263kbit / Avg. Bitrate
    Size: 100.04 MB
    Playing Time: 00:50:27 min

    Back in a simpler time there was no indie, no emo, no nu-rave. No post-this, post-that, post-whatever the hell else. There was just riff-laden, ballsy rock 'n' roll; huge songs, life-changing gigs and a whole world of noisy, gutsy fun that took people out of their dreary everyday lives and made them feel truly special. It's from this effervescent historical well that the UK's most charismatic young band draw their inspirations. But this is no retro pastiche, these boys are young, hungry and bringing anthemic rock songwriting flailing and wailing into the 21st century.

    Track List:

    01. Cooking In The Kitchen 3:13
    02. Something Beautiful 3:52
    03. Breaking The Silence 3:52
    04. Surrender & Retreat 4:06
    05. Maverick 3:59
    06. Weight Of The World 3:40
    07. Spinning Wheel 4:17
    08. Truth Hurts 3:39
    09. Silently Screaming 4:03
    10. Defector 3:37
    11. High 3:36
    12. All Of You 3:34
    13. Mercenary Man 4:59




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