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    Thumbs up Mohra 1994 untouched NTSC DVD9 [M2Tv]

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    Journalist Roma Singh is the daughter of a jailer. While taking a tour of the jail, she is molested by some of
    the inmates, and an inmate, Vishal Agnihotri comes to her assistance. She finds out that Vishal is in for four
    homicides, and decides to investigate further. She finds out, with the help of the owner of her publications,
    Jindal that Vishal was compelled to take the law in his own hands when the courts failed to punish the
    assailants of his sister and sweetheart. Soon, Vishal is released from prison, and begins to work for Jindal. It
     is then that he realizes that he has just walked from a walled prison, to an open prison, as the truth behind
     his release slowly but surely starts to dawn on him.

    Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

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    how to rapaird CRC error??
    CRC failed
    Link No. 8

    pls hellp me...



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