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    Default Ashab.E.Kahf [Men.of.the.Cave] Urdu.Dubbed.With.Eng.Sub

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    Ashab.E.Kahf [Men.of.the.Cave] Urdu.Dubbed.With.Eng.Sub

    Language: URDU dubbed (with English Subtitles)
    Genre: Islamic Film
    First Shown on: 2007
    Duration: 2hrs 24mins
    Year: 2007
    Video Quality: Video Bitrate 1206 KB/s, 720 x 480, 29 FPS
    Sound Quality: Audio Bitrate 128 KB/s (VBR), 48KHz, MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
    Format: AVI movie file
    Bitrate: Video Bitrate 1206 KB/s
    English Description:

    Islamic movie based on Sura 18 (Al-Kahf) of the Holy Quran, covering almost every thing about the Ashab-e-Kahf (The Dwellers/Men/Companions of the Cave). It was Allah's will for them to go and take shelter in the cave, and save them from the persecuting Romans. They did not turn back and think about their families, and Allah swt made the cave so secure that no one was able to get into the cave and harm the sleeping followers of Allah swt for around 300 years, after which they woke up. Watch this movie and understand Surah 18 (Al-Khahf) of the Holy Quran in a much better way. It teaches us to be steadfast & firm in our belief of Allah swt.




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