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    Dragon Ball is a Japanese animated television series that was produced in the late 1980s by Toei Doga (now Toei Animation), being an adaptation of the first sixteen volumes of the Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama and published in Japan in the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga anthology comic. Volumes 17-42 of the manga were adapted as Dragon Ball Z in the United States.

    The anime is composed of 153 half-hour episodes divided into 9 Sagas as follows :-
    1. Emperor Pilaf Saga
    2. Tournament Saga
    3. Red Ribbon Army Saga
    4. General Blue Saga
    5. Commander Red Saga
    6. Fortuneteller Baba Saga
    7. Tien Shinhan Saga
    8. King Piccolo Saga
    9. Piccolo Jr. Saga
    File Info

    Files will be uploaded on Megaupload at first. Gradually other mirrors will also be added.

    Files are encoded with Real Media Codec to favor low size.

    File Format :- *.rmvb

    These files are playable on Real Media Player or on Windows Media Player (with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack or Real Alternative installed)

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