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    As my interactions with our house maid increased my mom noticed and she changed the house maid without inquiring any thing from me. I was very upset coz I had a very good time with Nasreen. The new one was Jameela shorter and bulky. After some days when I found no other way to found sexual pleasure one day when mom was not at home and Jameela was working in the kitchen washing dishes I reached there and posing to wash the hands I huged her from behind, and touched her ass with my throbing ****. She looked at me but said nothing, I took waterfrom the fridge looking at her back drink and again posing to place the glass I huged her and this time I placed my hands on her big breasts ohh she looked at me in anger and rushed out side the home., oh God I trembeld what will now happen, she will tell to her mom and she will tell to my mom ohhh God I fear thinking different answers but not satisfied that at once the out door opened and there comes Jameel,s mom oh … I just look at her and she was full with anger, she comes towards me and said what u want fro her, I stood silently , there was nothing tosay.. and also iwas feared, she again shouted tell me what u want to do with her..
    Than she took me from my arm and shouted at Jameela locked the door and Jameela quickly responed and locked the door, she took me towards my room and entering the room she locked the room, and slapped me on my cheeks ohhhh so hard, and shouted you are going to **** my daughter yeah tell me what you want from my daughter again she slapped me, and said tell me basterd I will kill you, than she said yeah show me your **** with whom you want to **** my daughter, saying this she started hitting me and tearing my clothes and with in minutes I was standing nude before her. She took my **** in her hands and rubbed it so strongly that I screamed ohhh she said I will **** you basterd I will tell you how to **** my daughter and then she go the dressing room took a candle from there and lubricate it with vaselline I was shocked and stand and then she turned towards me and bend me on the bed in this way that my ass was towards her and than ohhhh she started to insert that candle in my ass hole, ohhhh nooo I cried with pain but she continued inserting that candle which was about 8 incheslong and 2 inches in diameter, she inserted it in and continued to abuse me and ohhh it was too painful I was cryig and sayig no please forgive me but she continued ****ing my ass with that candle for about ten minutes , I was now feeling some kind of pleasure from that and feeling that her one hand is near my **** and my **** started to come in erect position ohhh she first not noticed but than when she noticed she hold it in her hands ohhh waooo what a pleasure of her warm hands on my ****, she started stroking my **** and pushing all the candle inside me and than outside ohhh and I ejaculate in her hands and all of my cum was on the bed sheet and on her hands,
    She than took out the candle and placed her hands covered with my cum on my mouth and shouted eat your cum bastered other wise I will kill you and I started liking my cum from her hands, ohhh … and than she opened her trousers and pulled me in between her legs opened her clit and shouted like it my pet insert your tongue in my cunt and made it clean ohhh what is happeneing icant understand but I started to like that big ***** of her it was too big and she was puching hard against my mouth she continued for about five minutes and than she screamed and her juices filled my mout ohhh after so many days I had tasted a ***** ohh its great than she took my **** in her hands and started to like it with her tongue and take all of it in her mouth and sucking hardly ohhhhh ahhhhhh I screamed andagain I came in her mouth this time ohhh yeah than she ordered me not to tell any one else and not touch her daughter again other wise she will kill me and leave me in this condition.
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