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    There was a mouse in its hole just waiting for the cat to go to bed. But when the mouse tried to get some cheese, the cat just ran after it. How strange. You would think that cats need their sleep after a long day at the office but this cat whose name was Whiskers and my name is Randy, Randy the mouse. Strange for a mouse, I know. But it will have to do. Now here’s my story.

    Whiskers was having his cereal like every morning, but he had just left it standing right out of my villa. It had a piece of CHEESE, so all I did is try like every time to try and get my daily piece of CHEESE! I went right up to the bowl for the CHEESE. I actually got the CHEESE!

    Whiskers came though the Cat flap wearing Tight slouch jeans and a Cowboy hat smokin a cigar.. and as normal, he went to his food. But no piece of CHEESE was left for the dopey cat. Then I went back to my villa and started to draw a plan to get bigger and better food for my daily dose of CHEESE. Oh how I love CHEESE.

    When the next morning came, I went to the bowl were the CHEESE lay. I set of from the start of the mouse hole. But I saw that the bowl was in the kitchen, its like the cat wanted to catch me. But I just went for it. I saw the cat running at me. So I saw my chance and ran for the CHEESE and ran when I got my CHEESE. The cat and I ran around the kitchen table then we got tired and sat down for a cup of coffee.........and i managed to strike a conversation with the cat.....He was funny and sensitive........a lil rough around the edges but still very gentle......We talked for hours Before i returned home......But i startd thinking about him........We used to chat everyday on MSN......and as time went along we fell in love.........

    then he died

    So there it is my story about a very Dopey cat and a very clever Mouse. Who had a party with a lot of CHEESE and CHEESE puffs
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