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    Wink Julie (2004) ~ 1CD ~ DVDRip ~ Xvid

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    Julie (2004) ~ 1CD ~ DVDRip ~ Xvid

    Julie is a story of how circumstances change a simple girl into a prostitute.
    Julie (Neha Dhupia) is a carefree, bicycle-riding girl who wants to get married
    to her boyfriend Neil (Yash Tonk). Her boyfriend on the other hand does not want to
    make that commitment until he becomes rich and successful. One morning Julie is woken
    up by her father, who informs her that Neil struck a deal with a big company. Julie rushes
    over to congratulate him but is heartbroken when she sees him getting engaged to another woman.
    Julie decides to leave behind the memories of her life in Goa and move to Mumbai.
    Julie arrives in Mumbai and stays with her friend and soon gets a job with a construction company.
    She meets Rohan (Sanjay Kapoor) and they become a couple. Julie is propositioned by one of Rohan’s business
    associates (Kiran Kumar), to spend the night with him, in return Rohan will get the contract.
    Appalled by this, Julie confronts Rohan and soon realizes what his true intentions were and she ends the relationship.
    After being burnt by love twice now, Julie turns to prostitution.
    Julie meets Mihir (Priyanshu Chatterjee) who is a prominent, successful bachelor.
    They soon become friends and he takes her to meet his family as he hopes to marry her.
    Julie decides she wants to reveal her secret life to the world and except any repercussions
    that may follow, even if it means losing Mihir. Will Mihir be able to accept Julie after
    he learns of her true profession and will his family accept Mihir’s decision? Watch Julie and find out.
    Julie was a good movie and kudos to Neha Dhupia for portraying such a harsh character and making the role believable.
    Good performances all around from Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sanjay Kapoor and Yash Tonk. The movie soundtrack was average
    with the best song being “Hum Tumse Dil”. Due to the movie’s bold subject, it may not be appreciated by all, but when watching it have an open mind.

    Always Credit Goes To Original ripper


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