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    Cool Aloo Chaat (2009) PDVDRip

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    Aloo Chaat (2009) PDVDRip

    Starring : Aftab Shivdasani, Aamna Shariff
    Indian lad ( Aftab) in Amrika falls in love with Muslim girl ( Aamna). What will Bauji and Beeji and the nosy neighbours back home in Lajpat Nagar think? They are okay with Developed White Americans, but a Musalmaan? Shudder.

    The tricks, of course, is to get a genuine Amrikan gal ( Linda Arsenio) as a pretend fiancée, in order to show up the evil ways of these `First Worlders’. So the `firangan’ is made to wear flimsy bikinis and sun-bathe on the terrace, with hordes of lusty Lajpat Nagar males gaping at her. Of course, the good Muslim girl covers her with a dupatta, and leads her inside. “Inne vadhiya sanskaar”, intones the staunchly Hindu Beeji-Bauji household. Of course, the Amrikan can only rustle up anaemic chicken roasts, but the good Muslim girl is a wizard in the kitchen, and `murg mussalams’ her way into the family’s heart.

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