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    Primary: It's the tail end of winter in 1960. U.S. Senators Hubert Humphrey and John Kennedy seek the Democratic Party's nomination for President. Wisconsin's primary - one of the few direct primaries at the time - is on April 5. We see both candidates on the road; it's retail politics, shaking hands, signing autographs, smiling. We hear part of a standard stump speech from Kennedy; we watch Humphrey talk to farmers in a rural hall. Kennedy is favored. We see his wife, his brother Robert briefly, and on election night his sisters Pat and Eunice. Jacqueline speaks a few words of Polish at a Milwaukee rally. The returns come in; it's on to Indiana and West Virginia.

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    Released: November 15, 2003
    Runtime: 60 mins
    Genres: Documentary
    Countries: USA
    Director: Robert Drew
    Actors: Hubert H Humphrey Jacqueline Kennedy John F Kennedy Joseph Julian Robert F Kennedy

    Primary - 1960 Documentary of the Wisconsin Primary election (JFK vs Hubert Humphries) - Full - YouTube

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