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    Cool Hunter S Thompson Final 24 His Final Hours

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    Hunter S Thompson Final 24 His Final Hours: Mr. Thompson was a writer who killed himself. At first it seemed funky that he did this while his son and grandson were in the same house. However, the narrator said the family was soothed that it happened that way. If I heard correctly, writer Ernest Hemingway was a macho, manly writer who shot himself because he couldn't deal with the pain from his declining health. Mr. Thompson seems to have done so for the same reasons, but Hemingway's name never came up. What society has learned from the Columbine High School tragedy and other mass killings is that the killer often given hints about what they are going to do. Mr. Thompson had guns all over the place. He spoke about death, etc. Though tragic, there wasn't a total surprise here.

    Hunter_S_Thompson_-_Final_24__His_Final_Hour.flv | PutLocker click to watch


    Hunter_S_Thompson_-_Final_24__His_Final_Hour.flv | SockShare click to watch

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