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    Default History Channel - Earth's Black Hole

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    History Channel - Earth's Black Hole: Black holes are commonly thought of as abstract, distant celestial phenomena. But could they also exist on Earth? In this fascinating program, DECODING THE PAST journeys to the mystery-shrouded Bermuda Triangle to search for similarities between the supposed forces in the Triangle and the destructive powers of a black hole. Climb aboard a research vessel and travel through this baffling region of the Caribbean, and hear from world-renowned experts from the U.S. Geological Survey and Harvard and Cardiff universities as they explore possible explanations for the strange disappearances that have taken place at the mysterious site over the years. From the depths of space to the hidden corners of planet Earth, HISTORY TM presents an incisive look at one of the most powerful and puzzling physical phenomena of our universe: black holes. click to watch


    Decoding_the_Past_Earths_Black_Hole_2007_HDTV_XviD.flv | PutLocker click to watch

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