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    Cool The Freddie Mills Story

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    The Freddie Mills Story: Freddie Mills was an English boxer, who was the world light heavyweight boxing champion from 1948 to 1950. He was born in Poole, England. Mills began fighting in fairground booths and at venues on the south coast. He was 5 ft 10Ĺ in and did not have a sophisticated boxing style. However he relied on two-fisted aggression, relentless pressure, and the ability to take punishment. Freddie Mills finished his career with 76 wins, 18 losses, and 7 draws. On July 24, 1965 he was found shot in the head in his car, parked in a cul-de-sac behind his nightclub. Freddie Mills died later in the Middlesex Hospital. He had told the nightclub staff that he was going for a nap in his car, something that he often did. A week or two previously he had borrowed a rifle from a friend who ran a shooting gallery. Although the rifle was not in working order when borrowed, it had apparently been repaired and was found in the car alongside him. The coronerís inquest heard that the angle of the bullet was consistent with a self-inflicted wound, and the inquest ruled that he had committed suicide. Many conspiracy theories have been formed around the death of Freddie Mills, one states that he was the infamous killer Jack the Stripper.

    The Freddie Mills Story - (Boxing Documentary) - YouTube click to watch

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