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    Discovery Channel Night of the Hyena: Austin explores the rugged landscapes of Ethiopia in search of a close-up encounter with the notoriously deadly spotted hyena. His first stop is the walled city of Harer where, for centuries, the locals have lived side by side with hyenas. A fragile truce founded on an ancient ritual. To satisfy the hyena's hunger and protect themselves, the villagers must feed the animals by hand. With his appetite whetted, Austin sets out to find a pack of truly wild hyenas. He navigates the inhospitable wilderness of the Rift Valley to meet a remote tribe of Afar people. Using their local knowledge he tracks down an active hyena den and attempts to lure the hyenas outside in broad daylight. When that doesn't work, Austin has to muster the courage to rig his camera and head into the den himself. Also in this episode, Austin witnesses a brawling band of baboons, encounters a venomous puff adder, and wrestles a small but ferocious sand boa.

    Currently 3.38/5

    (8 votes)
    Released: January 10, 2012
    Genres: Documentary

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