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    Default Discovery Channel - Animal Planet: In Too Deep (2010)

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    Discovery Channel - Animal Planet: In Too Deep (2010) 720p BDRip x264-ST1D
    English, Polish | 13x~21min | H264 | 1280x720 | 25.00fps 3842 Kbps | AC3 128 Kbps 48.0khz | 8.05 GiB
    Genre: Documentary
    Be it the ice-cold tundra, bug infested jungles, suffocating swampland or scorched desert, animal life survives in the harshest of environments... and Animal Planet is on a mission to find out how.Jamie Crawford in Madagascar with a dancing lemur (DCL). Join presenter and adrenalin junkie, Jamie Crawford, as he travels through the world’s harshest climates and environments in search of the most intriguing animal adaptations. Jamie really is In Too Deep, struggling both physically and mentally with the challenges of the wild as he demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the animals he meets, with the help of quirky homemade devices and extreme stunts. From avoiding deadly predators and finding food to dealing with the climate and negotiating the terrain, the challenges animals face are global, while the solutions evolution has devised are local. Follow Jamie, as he travels far and wide in search of the ultimate animal adaptations, from the Everglades of Florida to the Namib Desert, the rainforests of South America and the icy shores of Alaska.

    Episode 1: Namibia
    Runtime: 00:21:14
    Jamie heads to the Namib desert to see how animals survive in a desolate, dry environment.
    First up is the sidewinder snake, which has evolved to move perfectly up and down the sand dunes at great speed. Jamie then demonstrates how humans have developed their own side-winding in the form of sand boarding. Taking a huge wipe out at the bottom of a dune, Jamie shows that maybe we are not quite so well adapted.

    Episode 2: Borneo
    Runtime: 00:21:38
    Jamie finds himself in the Bornean swamp forest of the Kinabatangan to discover how animals survive in a flooded environment. How do they find shelter and food, move around in the sinking mud and flooded environment and also digest the poisonous mangrove?

    Episode 3: Australia
    Runtime: 00:21:51
    The Australian outback is the location of Jamie’s adventure to find out how animals survive with little water, find prey and escape predators.

    Episode 4: Peru
    Runtime: 00:22:30
    Animals in Peru's Amazon basin include the fer de lance snake, termites, giant anteaters, caiman lizards, anacondas and electric eels.

    Episode 5: South Africa
    Runtime: 00:21:38
    Jamie travels to the coast of South Africa to see how animals have survived.

    Episode 6: Ecuador
    Runtime: 00:21:50

    Episode 7: Tanzania
    Runtime: 00:21:46
    The wildebeest migration in the Savannah of Tanzania; fire ants, vultures and a spitting cobra.

    Episode 8: Florida
    Runtime: 00:22:04
    Adaptations animals in Florida's Everglades have made to survive.

    Episode 9: Alaska
    Runtime: 00:22:00
    Jamie studies how Alaska's wildlife has adapted; snowshoe hares, bald eagles.

    Episode 10: Arizona
    Runtime: 00:21:53

    Episode 11: Madagascar
    Runtime: 00:21:53
    Lemurs, panther chameleons, hissing ****roaches, tomato frogs and ant lions are some of the wildlife found in Madagascar.

    Episode 12: Scotland
    Runtime: 00:21:44
    Animals, including the pine marten, beavers and eagles, that can survive in the barren landscape of Scotland's Highlands.

    Episode 13: Croatia
    Runtime: 00:21:52
    The wildlife of Croatia includes brown bears, Griffon vultures, lizards and karst vipers.


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