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    Abhimanyu And Nikita FC

    EVERYONE is Welcome here!

    This is an appreciation thread dedicated to our beloved pair
    Abhi and Niki from the show Dill Mill Gaye.


    First of all you all have follow all dR rules.

    Dont be rude or harsh to anyone and avoid use of abusive words.

    Do not bash the Mods.

    This is a fanclub where fans of Abhi-Niki gather. If you don't have anything nice to say about them or the actors who portray their characters, please try to keep the bashing out as it'll upset FC members.

    No bashing between the three sukirti, shilpa and jennifer...this has nothing to do with The three Ridhimas.

    Fun Allowed but in a limit so that it doesnt hurt anyone over here

    No bashing of any Actors

    Use polite & respectable language

    From Now Please Do not create saprate topic about Abhi and Niki. Discuss everything here.

    Chatting is not allowed

    .:Amit Tandon:.

    Amit Tandon is american-born and punjabi he is married to ruby dhaliwal. was born on april 11, 1979 and he was ranked among top ten in Indian Idol is doing well for himself. His debut was kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi as manthan virani. He was playing Prithvi in Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai on Sony and was also a VJ. he was also in Star ones reality show zara nachke dikha. He came to Bombay from New York to become an actor.He says I am dreamer who believes in living every day to its fullest.

    .hweta Gulati:.

    Shweta Gulati was born on May 29, 1979. Shweta Gulati played the tia's role in remix. She is a person who cant think anything except acting & gives most importance to her work. She has done quite a few projects in the past, like Remix, Kyun hota Hai Pyaar, AmberDhara, she was in zara nachke dikha as a host and now she plays the role of dr nikita in star ones dill mill gayye. She has also done a bollywood movie.

    .:Member List:.

    dR Crack aka [MEHROZ]

    Do PM Me Or Edit Theard If You Want To Be In The Memebre List


    Credit = For The FC Idea And Design Goes To Nawal and Lana

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