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    Default Dill Mill Gaye (DMG) - 8th September 09 Written Update

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    Atul consoling Anjali & convinces her to go with Riddhima to drop her at airport as she needs her. Then remembering Ridz. Riddhima walks into locker room flashback of AR scenes with Tu Jahan plays in the background. Just today i was thinking hjow perfect his song would be for AR & my wish was fullfilled so soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

    Hospital staff giving banquets to Riddhima requesting her not to leave. Riddhima remembers her moments with the gang & Armaan while walking in the corridor.

    Armaan finding out the truth & runs to stop Ridz meets Atul who tells him the truth about what Ridz did last night. Armaan wants to stop Ridz & tell how much he loves her.

    Nikki wishes AR unite as they love each other & hopes she & Abhi are not separated. Abhi assures her he won't let anyone come between them.

    Emotional scene betwen Anjali-Riddhima in car. Riddhima rememebrs Armaan's words what he told her in the canteen that day. Shashank is trying to be strong not break down.

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