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    Default Dill Mill Gaye 12th October Written Update

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    Episode starts with Abhi Jia dancing. Niki comes and watch them. Jia sees her. She brings her to the centre of the party and starts making fun of her. Abhi is upset. Niki excuses herself on the pretext of going to washroom. Abhi tries to follow her but Jia stops him.

    Naina standign on road waiting for auto. Yuvi comes on bike. He ask her to sit. She says that she sits only in car. Yuvi pretends to leave. Naina thinks that how will she go home. So she sits behind his bike. In the party, Niki comes outside and cries. She remembers about Jia's entry. Abhi comes. He says I love you to her. They both hug each other. He again says I love you to her. She tells him that she wants to move on in life now. She is tired waiting for him. Jia is watching everything. Niki leaves. Abhi looks heartbroken.Jia says to herself that she knew about Abhi-Niki relationship. Will never let them be together.

    Abhi goes inside.Its dark. He calls out for Jia. She comes and tell himt hat she wants to give a new start to their relationship. Their photo is unveiled. Everyone claps and Jia hugs Abhi saying I love you. She says to herself that she wont let Abhi go to Niki.

    Yuvi is drving his bike too fast. Naina is scared. He stops. She gets down. He ask when should he come tomorrow. She is upset and says that she will never sit on his bike again. She leaves. Yuvi smiles to himself.

    Next day in Sanjeevni. Umar bhai tries to talk to Shanky about new interns. Shanky says that he is too busy since he is going to perform the most complicared surgery. Yuvi overhears it and says to himself that he has to help Shanky now. Shanky needs to know that one mistake can ruin entrie career of someone. Episode ends on Yuvi's face.

    Precap- Sid telling Abhi that he wants to take entire blame for the mistake. Tamz talking to patient and apologizing for her condition. Tamz tells Sid that the patient moved her hand. Shanky letting Yuvi assist him in the surgery.

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