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    Default Dil Mill Gaye - 24th March 08 written update

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    muski is walking in the corridor n is hiding she goes 2 lovely n tells that page shubh n tell him taht there is an emergency in library...lovely says wht happened there? lovely ask is there any prob in library? r u sure? muski says i m a doc so u do it wht i say,.... muski tells atul n rahul the work is done!!! atul n rahul is standing in some distance... shubh comes in the library...some 1 swtiches off the light... shubh gets scared..suddenly all the interns comes!! shubh says wht u doing here?? all interns says somne filmi dialgues.....they says we r always junior interns i ur eyes they talk taht armi have some bojh n u r responsible for this!!! shubh shouts nooooooooooooo..shubh ask wht happpened tell me 1st??? all intern says we have 2 wake up @ sanjeevani eat here everything here @ sanjeevani only...... shubh says so u all need a break..all interns agreed ..they says we will play a basket ball match....all interns says we need 1 more senior doctor n this is ur idea so....shubh says its not my idea.....the interns says we need 1 more doctor.... who could it b ... shubhs says i m only a senior doctor.... all says there is 1 more...shubh says kirti ..... interns says u ahve 2 convince her..after all its ur idea...he again says its not my idea..... all the interns run away....!

    bi is sitting n eating apple..armi comes there..he sees no other interns there.... he says where r the others kirti is just coming 2 check!! suddenly all interns appear armi is shocked 2 see that b4r 5 sec no 1 was here...kirti comes n checks all r working she leaves..... suddenly all other interns disappeared from there except armaan!!! armaan is shocked he ask bi where the other gone? bi says no 1 was here!!!shubh comes in that ward!!!....

    kirti goes in the lift ,anji n atul was also there.... anji is doing acting that she is crying!!!! anji says no 1 us allow 2 play the ridz is also not getting convinced..atul consoles her!!!.. muski n rahul alsoenters the lift they r also sad!!!! anji n atul says sorry ma?m We dint saw u...... kirti ask them wht happened? they all tell they want 2 play bb match...but shash wont agree for it.... kirti says its a good sports n docs also need excercise.... but all r u going 2 play bb after work?.... they says yea work is very important n ofcource we will play after duty...... anji says girls r better than boys...rahul n atul says we will see after the match.... anji says 1st every body agrees for the game!!!! shubh tells ridz not 2 take tension shash will not say anything!!!! shubh n ridz also enter the lift...shubh sees kirti n becomes happy......shubh ask kirti whether bb match should happen or not ...ridz says shash will not agree...kirti tells shash went for surgery..... n i m the incharge.... shubh ask whether u agree for it??? kirti says yes atul pushes shubh near kirti they both blush!....shubh sasy we all r in a same lift thats amazing!!!they all come out from the lift shubh tells kirti u also come 2morrow.... kirti says me!!! shubh says yes!!!u will also enjoy...kirti tells ok...they both leaves!!!...all interns says now its time for another mission..mission Armaan!!
    Armi is in the locker room..he is thinking ... all interns stand outside n sees armi..they have script in their hand they r learning their dialogues as wht they have 2 say...... anji sees her script & in it ...its written atul...anji ask y u wrote ur name in it?? atul says i wrote these dialogues thats y!!! atul says me n anji makes the rocking jodi!!! they all go inside.... muski goes near armi n tries 2say her dialogues but get confused all others also tries say dialgues but all gets confused.... atul says armi is not a boy..armi is not a boy..armi says wht..atul says he is a man.....armi takes a sigh of relife...anji sees her script..armi notices the script but anji hides it.... armi leaves from there ... muski says i dont want 2 get into this she tries 2 leave.... ridz & all other makes her calm down!! .... armi comes there....muski says we girls r better than boys!!! rahul says we will see that .....muski says so lets see ... u 1st tell me the game...all says bb match..... armi ask y u guys r fighting??? all think wht 2 say as they ddint thought abt armi can ask this Q...ridz says armi doesnt give challenges...armi sees her n says me n i dontt give challenges? ..ridz n they both stare each other.... armi says ok we will have a bb match i have 2 win & u will lost it...they both see each other!!!

    Precap: atul tells that whoever loose the game the captain have 2 b a ghulaam of the winner captain!!! for 1 week ....they show bb match...armi n ridzi is standing next 2 each other!
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.



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