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    Cool Who is Armaan's new love?

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    Karan Singh Grover might return to Dill Mill Gayye with a new love - Madhura Naik aka Suvarna (Su), who is Dr. Siddhant’s sister.

    ls us, “Now when Dr.Riddhima is married to Dr.Siddhant, there will be a new love track coming as the woman opposite Karan is Madhura Naik. They are expected to start shooting soon. It was a tough decision for the production house, Cinevista, but they have finally decided to let him in, on the condition that he doesn’t throw tantrums as well as does not try throwing his weight around.”

    Further our source tells us, “His movies aren’t taking off in the near future. Every actor has to sustain himself. He was keen to return to the show that had made him a star overnight.

    Lately, the actor’s body double has been shooting for scenes, which are being aired as flashbacks but not any more as Karan will be back soon.

    We spoke to Madhura Naik aka Suvarna, “I have heard that Dr.Armaan is coming back to the show and now very soon my track with Dr.Armaan will be shot and I can’t talk much further.”

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