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    Default Advance update for thursday..3/26/09

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    Episode# 323: Atul can't concentrate on the date at hand and is desperate to intimate Rahul the latest developments. Anjali can't figure out what the problem is with him as he is constantly excusing him and paying more attention to the phone than her. She is increasingly getting irritated.

    Atul intimates Rahul vide a message over seeing Muskaan and Sangeetpal together and also asks Armaan for some advice over how to make this date work for him, Armaan tells him to bribe the waiter real well so that extra care and gifts are given to Anjali, Rahul calls him too and requests him to make sure that Muskaan's date turns out to be a complete disaster.

    Meanwhile Nikita and Abhimanyu continue to bicker over whose fault it is that resulted in the map falling in a deep pit. Abhimanyu gathers his wits and then eventually manages to get the map by tying himself to the car and making Nikita pull him out of the pit but the latter drags him more than the necessary point resulting in being comically dragged and the map being torn with the friction. This results in them being stranded, clueless over which direction to head.

    Armaan is trying to forge a truce between Keerti and Navneeta but accidentally falls prey to one of her pranks. Meanwhile Armaan dispenses advice to both Atul and Rahul. Atul tips the head waiter very handsomely but to his dismay the waiter has a tendency to forget very often much like the character of "Ghajini" and this results in total confusion as he ends up making the Muskaan Sangeetpal date a memorable one and Atul's date a complete disaster as he gets his post-it's all messed up.

    Meanwhile Abhimanyu over supplements being eaten for dinner by the duo, is sick of Nikita's constant nagging and ties her up managing to gag her mouth too so that he doesn't have to put up with all her noise. Anjali is furious as she has black paint all over her and is mildly electrocuted too; she slaps Atul and is about to leave when Rahul enters the scene disguised as Elvis Singh Maan.

    Keerti is saved from being the victim of another Navneeta's conceived prank and Armaan strikes a deal with Navneeta and Dhruv, her accomplice that he would reveal Keerti's true feelings for Navneeta to her.

    Episode# 324: Nikita is lying fast asleep fastened in the same manner, she manages to free herself in her car when a few pebbles hit the roof of the car she gets up scared and thinks that Abhimanyu is trying to scare her, as she accosts him she finds him soundly sleeping and on being disturbed by her, he is irritated.

    Nikita's fears however aren't unfounded as a group of masked people approach the duo holding torches and flares. It is revealed that they are villagers of the camp where Abhimanyu and Nikita were scheduled to reach and through their guidance the duo reach the village.

    Meanwhile Rahul begins to sing a catchy number through which he riles Muskaan and states that it is Sangeetpal's composition causing her to get upset with the latter and ruin the date. However a scuffle ensues and Rahul's disguise comes off to shocked expression everywhere.

    Armaan meanwhile has a nightmare of Shashank finding out the truth. Muskaan again gets upset with Rahul over his audacity and Anjali too is irritated by witnessing a really bad date. They exit from there in a huff with Rahul and Atul blaming Armaan for their misfortune. Keerti's true feelings for Navneeta are brought to the fore by Armaan with Navneeta witnessing the same, Navneeta on being directed by Armaan now resolves on getting Keerti and Subhaankar together.

    Armaan is still waiting for Billy's confirmatory call over having found the farm house. Nikita is busy checking a mid but the rest of the villagers don't want a female doctor to be inspecting them and Abhimanyu steps in, much to the irritation of Nikita as she wants to go to Panchgani to help out Armaan.

    Meanwhile Shashank and Padma expectedly come in to meet Anaya and mad comedy ensues as Armaan finally does get called by Billy who as checking out girls relates to him that he has managed to source out a location. Ananya is about to blurt out the truth but Armaan steps in and maneuvers the situation.

    Atul enters and so does a courier boy carrying Billy and Ananya's divorce papers. With difficulty Atul, Armaan with the help of Riddhima cover up yet another potential disaster point, but Shashank and Padma do have their suspicions in place and resolve amongst themselves that they will find out the truth on the farmhouse in Panchgaani.

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