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    Episode# 304: Shashank is upset over the persistent efforts of Armaan, but he has faith in his daughter and feels that she won't open the window by the end of the song. Riddhima is torn over which side to choose and is getting flashes of the time spent with Armaan. Riddhima listens to her father and doesn't open the window despite Armaan having hurt himself.

    The song is over and the window remains shut. After a couple of moments, a few rowdy bikers come to the area, drunk. They pick up a fight with Armaan and when Riddhima comes to intervene then they trouble her too. At this Armaan gets angry and there is a fully fledged fight between the goons and him, Riddhima gets hurt in the fight and the cops come and arrest Armaan along with the goons.

    Riddhima faints and Shashank takes care of her in the house. The next day there is a lot of media gathered at Riddhima's house and she accidentally steps near them looking for Armaan. She re-enters the house and is consoled by Anjali. She finally sees Shashank dressed to go for work and he says that he himself has bailed out Armaan having got to know the truth from Nani.

    Riddhima is thankful to her father. Meanwhile there is a lot of media attention on Armaan and due to certain misconception's it is declared that Armaan is on a hunger strike until he gets Riddhima's love.

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