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    Episode# 279: Armaan is busy trying to get into the good books of Dr Shahshank, so that eventually he can impress him enough to be a good match for Riddhima. But all his efforts turn out to be in vain with Dr Shashank not being impressed.

    Riddhima gives Atul a valuable tip, which results in Atul hugging her in a surplus of emotion. The tip is to have a complete makeover and become ultra cool. This is seen by Dr Shashank and he feels that there is something going on between Riddhima and Atul.

    Muskaan tries to get tech savvy hoping to maintain contact with Rahul. Armaan is busy romancing Riddhima. Nikita is busy doing rectal exams and cons Abhimanyu into doing them for her. Subhaankar scolds Navneeta from running away from school again. Muskaan gets a letter from Rahul stating that he won't be coming to meet her and want to part ways with her. He does this so that she won't wait and ruin her life in the hope of his eventual return.

    Episode# 278: The new year party continues and as the interns are dancing amidst themselves. Armaan manages to steal Riddhima away from the group and takes her to the terrace where he has organised a small surprise for her. She is very impressed by his act but they have to cut short their moment as Rahul is giving his farewell speech.

    They attend it and rahul gives false hope to Muskaan that he will be coming for a final time to say goodbye but on his way he confides in Armaan and tells him the truth that he won't be coming in. Rahul bids adieu to the group. Nikita manages to trouble Abhimanyu a little more. Subhaankar finally manages to propose to Keerti and she states that Navneeta's happiness is what matters most. Armaan learns from Rahul's mistake of not announcing his love and makes a resolve to do the same.

    Episode# 277: We defreeze with Armaan asking Nikita to tell him what is troubling her, Riddhima too joins in and Nikita is moved with Riddhima's concern and can't help but like her. Muskaan tells Rahul that she cannot live with him owing to family commitments and compulsions that she cannot ignore; Rahul tells her that he won't be coming back by the looks of it.

    The New Year party is in progress with all the interns assembled there. Keerti tells Subhaankar that if he procrastinates telling her whatever it is that he wants to confide in her, she will no longer speak to him. Subhaankar also announces that this New Year's Eve's party, the dancing partners of the group will be decided through token numbers.

    The token are distributed amidst the group. Abhimanyu arrives at the party too, and riddhima is sent to thank him for his help at the save Sanjeevani concert. Armaan is busy planning the details of a surprise for Riddhima. Riddhima is paired with Gappu, while Rahul and Muskaan are paired with each other. Atul manages to find a way around by eventually dancing with Anjali and Nikita with Armaan through the tokens, this causes nikita to get upset.




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