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    Default 2nd april DMG written update

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    Kirti says 2 ridz u told dat armi will b assisting anjali.... but...atul says i told ridz abt it..... ridz says i dint knew, kirti leaves...... atul says i told armi abt it he didnt told u.... ridz sees behind armi is standing there..he is smiling.....nana says u look good when u smile...shashank is on the fone when armi comes there in his cabin.... shashank says from when u have returned we didnt talk.. so i wanted* 2 ask u is everything fine? armi says yes...shashank says i dont know y u left sanjeevani but u r a doctor n u have 2 care for ur patients...... armi says ok...shashank says every 1 have personal probs* but 1 should keep proffesional n persoanl life separate, shashank sees armi tattoos n tells 1st time i m seeing tattoos on doctor`s arm.....armi says wht happened? y cant a doc keep tattoos,* shahsank says becoz the society doesnt like it..... armi says i m not here 2 set good impression @ every 1* .... shashank tells him 2 leave....
    rahul is assisting shubh...shubh think its muski* n the operation finally gets successful.... rahul comes out ridz n kirti r also there.... kirti says for the 1st time muski have assist in some operation...rahul`s face cover slightly goes down n kirti*, ridz sees it.....kirti gets angry....she goes near rahul* n takes out his cover.....muski is standing behind..... kirti ask him whts going on? n with whose permission u changed ur duty? rahul tries 2say some thing* but kirti stops them..... krti yells @ ridz n says how can they change their duties, u r IOTM but u dont know anything u should control ur interns if u cant handle ur interns how could u handle the patients.... kirti says all the interns change duties without ur seek ness..kirti says 2day is ur first day thats y i wont give u punishment.... she leaves.. rahul tells ridz abt* armi told that he will tell u... ridz goes 2 armi...armi show her thumbs up but she shows him thumbs dowb..armaan winks his eye* n gives flying kiss 2 her....
    Shubh n kirti r talking that 2morrow is holi (finally) they talk abt college days as how they use 2 play holi in college ....shubh says we will organise* a function heree... kirti says shashank wont allow ...shashank comes n tells 2morrow is my meeting...but interns want 2 celebrate holi so u can keep some function but it should b a quiet affair.... shubh says can we give holiday 2 the interns.... shashank says its up to u but i think doc should stay in hospital.... shashank ask kirti if she wants the same thingkirti says yes... shubh wishes him happy holi...shashank leaves... shubh says 2 kirti everything should* b ok!!
    rahul atul [email protected] the reception...atul si upset so rahul ask u r uset as anjali got married,....atul says if u cantsay some good dont say bad things!! atul says some poetry armi comes, atul says 2 armi i want 2 play with anjali...armi says u dont know how 2* talk? its hospital yaar...atul says i want 2 play holi with anjali...armi says yes i have a plan ...they sees shubh n sngs ishqqqqqqqq...shubh tells th 2morrow @ basketball court u all have 2 come as there is small function ...atulsays holi function? will there b bhang? armi keeps his hands @ atul`s mouth, armi says yes we wil play hol with dhoom dhadaka..shubhs ays butall should have control n them...... shubh leaves..... they agian say ishqqqqqqqq... shubh says dont sing that atleast not here...shubh goes inside some ward n smiles...atul, armi n rahul wishes happy holi @ the end!

    precap:holi episode muski,kirti n anjali eat ladoo... atul dances on the song.... kirti ances with shub...n anjali dances with atul.

    aww thanks payal, luv ya too.

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